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thanks baby


This is a huge stink right from the very start. From the failure of the insistence of the Russian empire to incorporate it in to Soviet's hardcore suppression all the way to Putin's macho vengeful style. Guess we will be reading much much more of explosions & suicide attacks soon.


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"rich in oil, chemicals, gold , iron and agricultural products." ok,land. always over land. other than what it holds,it has no strategic advantage,really. boris probably doesnt feel that he should depend on what was rightfully "his" in the first place. does he live there or have a house there he visits in the summer? just because hes the president of russia,doesnt mean he owns it! its a civil war. trying to break away from "the mother land" isnt a bad thing for the chechnyans,if its govt can do better than the current one.
land and a power trip......


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yea but,wouldnt you think the chechnyans are poverished because of russia? they practically destroyed the place. chechnya was probably "heading in hte right direction" before all this,no? why would they want to "break away" if they werent.


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To follow suit of the other republics that broke from Russia. Russia ruled Chechnya with an Iron fist aswell as every other state of the former USSR, and the Russian government pretty much does still rule with an iron fist even after the fall of Communisim The belief of a more lax Government would appease most people. Georgia broke off from Russia....Does it seem to be heading in the right direction to you LOL. I am in no way on either side. Neither Chechnya nor Russia have made the wisest decision and thousands of lives have been lost on either side.

If anyone, Russia was the ones heading in the right direction.

no,your right. guess it was a case of "monkey see monkey do" and russia does seem to be doing fine. they have their ups and downs,as any country does.

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