Fl couple tries to foreclose in Bank of America

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I heard about this story on the radio yesterday.

Bank of America serves this couple with a foreclosure notice on their property, but these people paid for the house in cash. They keep telling the bank there is a mistake on their part, but of course BoA don't give a shit about it and the homeowners had to hire a lawyer to fight the case. They finally won and the judge ordered the bank to pay for Attorney and legal fees, which went for a little over two thousand dollars.

Here is when the story gets really good. The bank refuses to pay citing bullshit excuses, so the couples attorney got tired of it and showed up with a moving truck and a couple of Deputy Sheriffs, ready to either get his clients money or taking furniture and fixtures to be auctioned and cover the amount.

Faggots at the bank had to come up with 5K in cash to stop him from going crazy on their shit.