Florida Cam. Watch Hatching and Raising of Bald Eagles

Real time...
Harriet and M are close by but not in the nest tree.
This is E12, sleeping away...
E13 is perched on an outter branch

E-13 has gone to find that eagle life, that they all eventually do.

I'm crying... bye lil' babe.

I've a hard time with this part.

We'll see if E-12 comes back tomorrow. If not, that babe is off to grow and come back to visit. Just like the other babes do.

I expect a visit from E-9 in the future, looking much like his Dad. Perhaps with a clumsy landing, holding a stick, lol. And I bet they let him hang around, for just a moment before running him off.
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Nest is empty now. Our lovely Harriet is closest to the cam, M just behind her. This was filmed yesterday, the cams will be coming down in the next couple of weeks.

Stay safe birdie birds. Look forward to seeing you both and possibly a couple of your older babes next season.

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Ya know... the more I look at this last of the vids... I'm very impressed with those crib rails, they held out pretty darn good this season.

Gotta love a man with a good stick game and a bossy wife.
Way to go M.