Florida Cam. Watch Hatching and Raising of Bald Eagles

I thought there is thousands of those fuckas now...
This is what Australia did to our most graceful bird of prey...
You shoot an eagle here in the states and get caught... your ass is going to jail. Actually any interference good or bad will get you 3 squares a day. Being in possession of a feather is illegal.
A big no-no.
Season 8 begins... YAY!!!
Harriet and M15 are back at the nest tree, always makes my heart sing when they show up together. They've slowly started nestorations, have had some whoopy and meals in the nest.
The cams went up in the last few days and should be online before too long. Last season the sound was knocked out by a storm early on, hopefully that won't happen again.

Ohboyohboyohboy :D


That's one of the coolest things I've watched on this Site to date; Oh don't u worry,I'm a GOREAHOLIC,but sometimes the beginning of life,out does the ending of life...CHEERS FRIENDS...SP
This is Cam 1 and is stationary above the nest. Also, if you push play, you are in the moment, up close and live.
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360° Cam also above the nest. Mobile users just need to tilt or touch the screen to work the cam. Not sure how laptops and the like work... Again, if you push play, you are in the moment. Live as ya please.
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There's 2 more cams but I can't get them to post. They seem to be working thru the Pritchett link I posted earlier.
Well well... good evening Mr. and Mrs.
This is right now...

If you click on Cam 1, that I posted, you'll see the wonder couple in real time.
Early this morning...
Harriet sleeping good above the nest, all tucked back and in like that. Why?
Cause she knows her man is on point.
M joins her...

Both vocal...

They settle and rest together until sunrise.
Around 8ish this morning, this is Harriet.
M is already gone prolly following Harriets orders. She's very bossy, lol.
8a H cu.JPG.jpg
8a H 2.JPG.jpg
8a H3.JPG.jpg
A great horned owl, had a go at Harriet early this morning. She took a very hard hit and fall. She flew off, people on the ground are looking for her. God, I hope she's alright. This is awful...
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