Florida Cam. Watch Hatching and Raising of Bald Eagles

M seems to be bringing sticks, but not placing them, just dropping them off. They almost always place them together...
Sorry the pic is kinda blurry, had to use the 360° to look at the nest. The main cam is pointed out towards the pasture, watching for Harriet I'm assuming.
Harriet finally showed at the nest around 7:30 last night, they moved some of the branches M brought through out day yesterday.
733p h m nest.JPG.jpg
Then she flew back to the west pasture, M followed. They spent the night there together, while the nest sat empty... or did it?
Lovely Harriet comes to the nest, mid afternoon...
515p H2atic 1.JPG.jpg
325p H2atic2.JPG.jpg
very vocal...
315p H2atic vocal.JPG.jpg
moves around the tree a bit, she is definelty missing some feathers... poor old girl, I bet she's sore.
325p H2upattic2.JPG.jpg

Fly's to a snag across the street
7.36.56HarrietinWP (3).jpg

And watches M bring in some good size sticks...
7.07.37Mwstick (2).jpg
Close up of Lovely Harriet in the nest tree as the sun was setting last night, M was with her.
737p H 2.JPG.jpg

They took off together and spent a second night in the west pasture. Sleeping in the nest tree isn't something she's willing to do just yet. She couldn't take another hit like that again so soon. :(
741p hm lvntre.JPG.jpg

She seems to be doing well. Though M is the only one bringing in nestorations and he's no doubt hunting for her too.

Bright and early this morning, they flew into the nest tree together. Harriet to an upper branch, M to the nest, he moves some stuff around, then lays down and tests the nest bowl.

I love it when he does that, lol.
He used to lay in the nest and wait for Harriet when he was courting her. ♡♡♡
Both in and out of the nest tree throughout the day.
Harriet VERY VOCAL all day. Laying claim to her territory.
835a H vocal1.JPG.jpg
835a H voc2.JPG.jpg

This evening she took a bath in the pasture pond..
517p H pond.JPG.jpg

heads for the nest tree, with a perfect landing...
529p H 2att.JPG.jpg
521p H2att3.JPG.jpg

M, joins her moments later...
621p M in 1 f.jpg
621p M in 2.JPG.jpg

..he comes in low on the branch but his powerful legs nail it...
621p M in 4.JPG.jpg

They left together for the west pasture.
Night 3 away from the nest.
Both at the nest at sunrise, then to the west. M is bringing in some HUGE branches, they've been placing them in the evenings. The difference from yesterday morning til now is amazing.

Yesterday, a.m.

..the castle as it stands right now.

If you go back and look at Thursday's pic(the day after Harriet was hit) there is a definite difference in sizes. M, the master of branches and puzzle sticks, ain't playin' round now. Nope, nope...

He's building a fortress to protect his queen from those owls. Wouldn't surprise me if these crib rails reach 6' by the time he's done. Nevermind the middle is already 6' deep.
He's a mighty good man.
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Yesterday evening, M brought a fish and a monstrous stick to the nest. They left the fish there all night(prolly on Harriets orders), to test the owls. If it was gone, they'd know the owls had been there...
They spent night 4 in the west pasture.

He was at the nest this morning as soon as it was light out to check.
Pretty sunrise :)

Fish, still there!

Harriet joins him, she eats the fish, while he moves the stick and places it in with the other crib rails.
This is a very smart and savvy couple.
Wtf! Didn't know owls attack grown-up eagles at all. Is it because the owls think it's their territory?
Did you watch the video? That owl hit her hard and in fact an hour earlier had knocked into M.
The owls, Harriet and M are VERY aware of each other's presence. It's mating season for the owls too. Problem with the great horned owl is they don't build their own nests, they steal them. It's not an issue of food sources, because there is plenty to be had for all around this area.
This is Harriets territory, has been for nearing 30 years, since the family that owns the property started documenting.
If something happens to her, it will become M15's territory. Harriet and M don't migrate, they stay here year 'round. They have probably been spending their nights at their summer nest. This nest is used for breeding and raising their babes. Once the babes fledge and leave, Mom and Dad leave it until the next breeding season.
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The Wizard
I've been told a huge horned owl sits on the peak of my roof late at night and terrorizes the neighborhood cats. I have yet to see it.
I think they're beautiful and I see more than I probably should. But I'm blessed like that in the world of nature, always have been.

P.S. yer naughty, lol
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The Wizard
She was very superstitious and didn't like scary movies either. She was a gentle woman, it was cute and I messed with her all the time.

The eagle sanctuary at the amusement park is really nice. You should check it out if you ever go to the smokies.
The calling owl, is familiar to me.
The appearance of an owl fake or real, wards off many other critters. We use them here on our docks to keep the seabirds from gathering and pooping all over everything. They also serve to keep raccoons away from your swimming pool steps. Just gotta move them around, raccoons are smart and catch on pretty quick to a fake owl.
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