Florida Cam. Watch Hatching and Raising of Bald Eagles

Some morning delight...

Horsey takes a dip...

M pulling the weeds...

and bringing in yet another large branch...

Harriet swaying in the wind above her nest as the day comes to a close, watching over her land, joined by lots of little birds.

Harriet is back in the game!!!
She brings in a very large, very fresh pine branch.
906a H stik 2.JPG.jpg
907a H removes needles.JPG.jpg

She took a rest stop with it, pulled off some needles and into the nest with it.
908a H stk2nst U.JPG.jpg

You go Harriet!!!
With MUCH discussion, they place the branch together...
M pulls it towards the tree...
909a HM stick 2a.JPG.jpg

Harriet says NO...
908a HM stik 1aa.JPG.jpg

And pulls it back towards the outter branch...
911a hm pstick 1.JPG.jpg

M looks like he's taking a deep breath and getting ready to shake his head, LOL!
Harriet always wins.
It's a whopper stick with some good camouflage on it.
Owls were heard dueting in the early morning hours(2-3am)

Harriet awake and to the nest, very vocal...

Followed quickly by M...

Both super vocal

The defense, is on.
That adult could be one of their babes, pretty sure it was spotted earlier this morning. We just might well catch a glimpse of the heart, if Harriet allows it.

The owls should just give it up now.
8 nights after the owl attack, Harriet and M spend the night in their tree. Some alert vocals from them around 1am, but other than that all was quiet.

Foggy morning, wet birdies...
They spent last night in the nest tree. If one was sleeping the other was on guard. Short burst of vocals around 3am.
As the sun was rising, Harriet vocals and hops to the nest, followed by M.

Brief discussion, Harriet back to the attic, M tests the bowl, again... ♡♡♡
then back to the attic, with a BIG crop drop

More morning delight :woo:
(these two get it on, ALOT)

And they are both outta the tree to start their day. Here's the castle as it stands on this lovely Sunday morn...

Looking good ☆☆☆☆☆
It's been business as usual in the pine. Owls have backed down, it would seem.
Some adults have been passing through, but the power couple run them off, quickly.

M and his sticks... nest looks great and the crib rails keep getting taller.
840a M stik4.JPG.jpg
840a M stik3.JPG.jpg
840a M stik5.JPG.jpg

Both in the attic, M tracks something and takes off towards the church...
847a M lvs 1.JPG.jpg
847a M lvs 2.JPG.jpg
847a M lvs 3u c.jpg

This morning finds them in heavy fog and they have switched to the right highest branch to spend their nights.

They have a little more cover from the owls, should they decide to come back around.
Very smart.
This was in the early morning, on Thursday. Thankfully the moon was shining, it gave Harriet and M a chance to defend, which she did.
Check your volume!

All rights and credits to Ladyhawk... she works tirelessly and puts together excellent videos.
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Well, who do we have here? A beautiful juvie who seems quite comfortable flying into the nest tree.
634p who 2.JPG.jpg
630p juvie 5.JPG.jpg
Hops down to the nest
656a Juvie cup.JPG.jpg
moves some nest material around
853p juvie grasses.JPG.jpg

hops to the edge of the nest, then flies to the west...
659p j V.JPG.jpg
Could it be E9? Yes it could... ♡♡♡
Story of the Sticks

Harriet arrives, with a nice branch
913a H stick1.JPG.jpg
M flies in right behind her...
913a m in 3 (2).JPG.jpg
he immediately takes the stick...
913a hm stick 4.JPG.jpg
and places it without any resistance from Harriet...
913a m stick 1.JPG.jpg
they aerate the bowl together. So far, so good...
915a hm nest1.PNG.png

M ready's himself and takes off...
918a M off1.JPG.jpg
snags a nice size branch in flight(red dot)
918a M stk.JPG.jpg

Harriet watches his approach to the nest
918a H watches m.JPG.jpg
It's a whopper and now we have a problem, Harriet wants it, goes for it.
918a M stkin u.JPG.jpg

M is having nothing to do with that and jumps over her to get to it...He's standing on her and has the stick in his beak...
918a Mover H stik.JPG.jpg

He quickly weaves it in place but not without getting in a bit trouble. LOL
920a hm little discussion.JPG.jpg

Ain't love grand?!!!

The End.
...sticks and sticks and sticks.

Harriet is standing on top of the crib rails, M is in the bowl... gives you an idea of just how deep and fortified this castle is.
1014109 Harrieton rail.png