Florida Cam. Watch Hatching and Raising of Bald Eagles

He just keeps them coming...
He brings in a puzzle stick this morning and lands on Harriets tail.
847a mstckon htail.JPG.jpg
847a Mstk talonsonHtail.JPG.jpg

She gets him back with a nip on his wing...

They get tangled up trying to place this particular stick together...
847a m wrestles stk.JPG.jpg
They are too much, I tell ya.
I love them, they make my heart sing.
Owl attacks, they saw it coming, Harriet goes on the defense.
SLO-MO @ 7:40 and again from the pond cam @ 2:40ish when she catches it in flight and locks talons.You go Harriet!
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I'm laughing so hard, I'm crying here... they are something else.
I hope they stay safe.
My heart will break if...

M is rearranging the funiture, Harriet is trying to aerate...
excuse me Dear, I want this over here...

A lightning strike very close to the pine thanks to Nestor, there are no birds of any kind in the tree, btw. Harriet and M were hunkered down in the West pasture long before sunset.
I was floored when I saw this, I'd like to think it's Ozzie.
538a gm.JPG.jpg

Next day, a lovely and soaked Harriet

A soaked M, bringing in a stick

M15 brings home..?
Harriet lands, she knows it's for her...

He has motives as we see next...
She eats and he can rearrange some sticks without getting hollered at...

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Well hello, who might you be?
This sub adult(4 yrs old, roughly)flew right into the tree, with Harriet.
Screenshot (893).png

Harriet gets very vocal, so what does it do?
Hides behind a clump of needles, lol.

Surprisingly, Harriet allows it to stay and she flies off... gotta be one of their offspring for her to do this. Once she lays eggs though, all bets are off.

It stays for a little longer, then flies over to the pond for a drink.
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Busy, busy...

M grabs a monster clump of grass on the fly...

And he likes this large stick, though had to adjust it for take off. It's a puzzler... lol.

The castle this morning... won't be long and there will eggs sitting in the middle.
Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy :)
The owls are still being pesky. Both Harriet and M have been knocked from the nest tree several times since I posted last.
There's a large parcel of land that has been cleared close by, so they've probably lost their nest.

Anywho... the power couple are pushing ever forward. Sticks and sticks and grasses and grasses...
Harriet has taken to sleeping in the nest most nights, while M stays in the outter branches.
803p gn H.JPG.jpg
Fish gift for Harriet, with the head even!
M usually eats that ♡
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A sub adult visits the nest. This one is roughly a 3 year old, it has less white than the 4 yr old that was around last week.

This could be one of their babes too.
Ok, I'm getting excited here. She has been sleeping in the nest, he has been testing it out pretty regularly... M broods too, good Papa.
M testing his work in the bowl, Harriet up on the crib rails. This nest is flipping huge.
656p m laydown.JPG.jpg

I think they may be a little ahead of schedule. I keep trying to see if their brood patches are starting but they have to be sitting just so to catch a glimpse.

Either way, 2nd or 3rd week of November she lays her eggs, right about 2 days apart.
This is a White Bellied Sea Eagle nest at Sydney Olympic Park Australia. Ladyhawk moniters this nest also.
The pair are away from the nest when an unexpected gathering takes place.

M and his sticks
719a M w stk3.JPG.jpg

M lands with a fish, Harriet right behind him
1200p m then H.JPG.jpg
12p h fish.JPG.jpg
1202p H fish4.JPG.jpg

The nest has been filled with lots of grass and moss, in the past week.
1115a m laydown.JPG.jpg

Harriet working that brood patch.

You can kinda see where it's less feathery...
(M has one too)
08.11.19 2.jpg

Won't be long now... :)