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either way, it's none
Dad is going all out in the food department.
Holy stocked pantry...

No PIP seen on the egg, but we couldn't see the other side of it. Pips always show on the larger end of the eggs.


either way, it's none
Good look at the bowl and how deep it is. 6/8 inches from where Harriet is standing.

BIG bite for a little E
1115a e14 big bite.JPG.jpg

Wet birdies. Sooo tiny...
946a e14 under 2.JPG.jpg

M feeds his lovely lady while she incubates/broods their babe and egger.
511p M feeds H fish.JPG.jpg

BIG feets and little feets...
1051a feet.JPG.jpg

Peek a boo baby, we see you...
1052a e14 peek 3.JPG.jpg

Still haven't seen a PIP on the other egg. E14 is now 3 days ahead. Little bugger best get to cracking that egg and hatch.


either way, it's none
M lands with some nesting material and suddenly both are on high alert/very vocal.
434p hm vocals 3.JPG.jpg

Harriet is up and out of the nest quickly.
435p h to attic.JPG.jpg

A look from cam 2 shows a juvie flying very close to the nest.
435p lg bird over nesttre.JPG.jpg

Harriet goes on the defense, while M stays in the nest and covers E14 and egger.
437p m grass over 14 aa.JPG.jpg
437p m grass over14.JPG.jpg

Team work at it's finest.


either way, it's none
E14 is now 8 days old and cute as can be. Egg #2 as of yesterday was past the timeline for a hatch and has been officially labeled non-viable. This is only the second time Harriet has had an egg not hatch since the cameras first went up in 2001.
Looks like we'll have one spoiled baby and many hissy fits to come, lol.

Little feets. Getting steadier by the day and will be scooting around the nest soon.

The fullest crop ever! Wow... β™‘β™‘β™‘


either way, it's none
Harriett sits on top of the crib rails as the sun rises past the nest tree. See her?
839a H a.JPG.jpg

She fly's off to the old snag...
840a h lvs.JPG.jpg

...M fly's in to a top branch.
840a M drop2 ubrn.JPG.jpg

840a m 2 ubranchu.JPG.jpg

Then to the attic branch...
841a M2attic U.JPG.jpg

...where he holds and watches his babe sleep.
840a 14 sleeps.JPG.jpg
842a 14 sleep cup.JPG.jpg


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either way, it's none
Now that the bowl has been breached, we can finally see E14 through the tower of crib rails that M built.

H and M playing tug o fish, as E watches them. Since there's only one babe, the parents will play the roll of siblings and show little bit how it's done. When he's their size, they will have some serious throw downs with him over food. Everything H and M do, is a lesson he'll need to survive on his own. Playing tug o food, will teach him how to steal, mantle to show dominance and patience. They won't always let him win.
Fun times are coming, lol.
404p h m tugofish.JPG.jpg

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