Florida Cam. Watch Hatching and Raising of Bald Eagles

This short video is really cool. The camera operators zoomed in on E14's eye. He was watching M, you can see him in the reflection.
M brought in a fish and stuffed his little baby to the brim... very full crop.
Hard to believe in just over 2 weeks E14 has quadrupled in size. He makes that egg look teeny tiny.
1129a 14 crop beak.JPG.jpg

He can regulate his body temp now and his pin feathers are coming in. He'll lose all that down in the next couple weeks.
1011a 14 lup (2).JPG.jpg

M loves to be with his offspring and provides some much needed shade for little E.

Harriet in with a monster fish!
And attempts to feed an already full E14.

Not too long after she lands, M brings in another good size fish. He drops it off and they both hop up to the attic branch to take a break.
Lil' E scoots over to the rails to catch some cool air, where the headless fish equals him in size.

Side note:
M15 has buried the egg several times in the middle of the nest.
Harriet keeps digging it back up.
This all happened in rapid succession, E14 stayed put and watched the show.

M in with a stick and back out.

Harriet in with a pine bough, back out.

M in with grasses, plops it on E and adds a stick... lol, he does that alot. He's done it to Harriet too, being playful perhaps. Back out

Watch out E, Dad's got a rabbit.
814a M rab 1.JPG.jpg
Duck little E, Dad's on a stick mission.

M defurrs some rabbit, E grabs a bit of flying fur and immediately regrets it... LOL
17233 (2).jpg

Can. Not. Move. So. Full.
M snagging a stick on the fly..

Harriet under, flips, snags, hangs and breaks off the pine branch she wants. Nice maneuver.
7.47.19Hgrabpineboughs (2).jpg

Little E thinking, must be something to this stick business. I'ma give it a go.
537p 14 stick.JPG.jpg
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The difference 23 days make...

Day after hatch...


With the egg still there, it gives a great visual of how big E14 has gotten and how his appearance has changed.
Harriet has been making little E reach out and grab his bites verses bringing the food to him.
910a h 14 reach.JPG.jpg

The tug o food lessons begin.
This is a bit of rabbit pelt they're both hanging on to...
913a h 14 tug.JPG.jpg
913a h 14 tug 2nd.JPG.jpg

He held on and pulled both times, then lost his grip. She wouldn't have let him win because the piece is too big, but it was a good first lesson and cute to see.
Harriet brings a cattle egret and goes to work defeathering. E is up against the rails, and horses are below, munching on grass.

M to the nest, works on the egret.
Lunch is served by Dad...

With help from Mom.
11320tandem feeding.jpg

Harriet also brought in a good size fish. There's no hunger issues in this nest, that's for sure.
With a heavy heart I must pass along that E14 has passed away. Some how one of his blood feathers was damaged and bleeding.
533p 14 blood.JPG.jpg
534p e14 left foot.JPG.jpg

The nest cams were turned off while CROW came and retrieved E14's body and also the non-viable egg to be examined.

I'll post more info later. Can't type and cry.
Fly free little one, you'll be missed.

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The Pritchett family and CROW(Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife) very quickly got the go ahead from the state and federal wild life commissions to enter the nest.

The staff that removed E14's body and egg saw no forgein objects in the nest such as fish hooks or fishing line. A radiography of the body did not reveal any forgein objects. A brief exam by vet staff noted the entire left side of E14 was covered in blood which appears to have come from a broken blood feather on the left wing. No other wounds were found. The egg was found to be fertilized and only partially developed. No clue why it didn't fully develope to hatch.

The remains of E14 have been sent to SCWDS(Southeast Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study) at the University of Georgia, for further study.

The cams are back on line. Harriet and M15 are sticking close to the nest and each other.
Many people are reviewing videos to try and see what and how this happened.
That's all for now. When anymore news comes down the wire, I'll update.

All anyone can do, is look forward to next season.

Aww that is soo tragic!. Sorry Dev 😒
I see your comment and I'm not sure how to respond. This is a huge lose for this nest in particular and for the people who watch the world over.
Harriet and M15 are already moving on, that's what they do. And much faster than us humans, to be sure.
Unless the results from Georgia come back with info that states otherwise, it's what nature planned and we have to accept it.
I thank you Bethy for acknowledging my heartbreak, I appreciate it.
Thought I'd share some pics.

Harriet and M have chosen to stay at the nest tree for now, keep watching over their territory. We weren't sure if they would, so it's good to see.

Keeping the nest in pristine condition is all about sticks and discussions, don'cha know...


Tracking together

Bathing together
That's H under the water w/just wing tips showing, lol. She love her baths.

Tucked in sleeping good, together

M laying in the nest, Harriet on the rail.
He looks tiny, very deep nest.

Harriet gives M the foot, which means she wants some whoopie...

M has no problem servicing his lady.
They do it ALOT, a very bonded couple.

Half a damn tree she brought in
241p h lg stik.JPG.jpg
241p h lg stik m.JPG.jpg
241p h lg stik m 3.JPG.jpg

A beautiful sunrise

A memorial for little E14