Florida Cam. Watch Hatching and Raising of Bald Eagles

All is fine, in the pine.
Except, M wants his turn incubating so he starts putting grass on her back.
22820 832a m grasover (4).JPG.jpg

He looks deep into her eyes...
832a m 2 H.JPG.jpg

Nope, she ain't moving... he goes to the attic and glares at her.
833a m lookdown.JPG.jpg
This morning, Harriet calls...

M answers her and fly's in, top branch...

Harriet up, out.

M down and in...
Harriet looks down, all is well..
and she's off to stretch those wings...

Circles her land... and comes right back to the top branch that M just vacated.

She's a boss. Almost pulling double duty on this second clutch.
At this time normally they would have babes equalling their size, fledging...
Lil E14, you'll not be forgotten.

I still can't believe this is happening.
Harriet and her force, along with M15 demand to carry on.
Simply Amazing.
Ok folks... we are at the 7 day count down for egg #3, 10 day for egg #4... second clutch hatch.
I, as well as thousands of others are full of hope.

Harriet and M take a break together...

Lovely Harriet flying in...
32120hto nest.jpg
M15 up for a stretch...
Peekaboo eggers, we see you...

Big stretch...

While he's up, hmmm. This stick is in the wrong spot, must move it... LOL

Alright, back to eggs. Rolls them, and shimmies back down...

He's so handsome.

P.S. Harriet moved that stick back where it was. So funny.

Drives backwards

It's exactly the same, but totally different
Less than 2 days til PIP watch for #3

This morning, very foggy.View attachment 412429View attachment 412430
That little raised bit, is being watched very closely. Hmmm...
View attachment 412431

Tick Tock... come on babies.
We're cheering you on.

Thank you SO much Dev for keeping us informed. The eagles I've told you about here are over my house almost daily, flying the thermals and mixing with the buzzards. I've had several people over who have seen them flying over my house and were just amazed at how big they are!!
Some people have never seen one in real life!! I've got some old meat from my freezer I'm going to put out. My hope is one or both of the eagles will come to take some of it! If that happens, I'll try my best to get you some pix!

Thanx again for your dedication to sharing this wonderful and amazing part of our world at a time when all else is haywire!!
Hugs to you and yours! Stay safe 😊💕

Drives backwards

It's exactly the same, but totally different
I appreciate your enthusiasm, truely.
But don't fed or encourage them in any way. You're doing more harm than good with those actions.
Also, it's against the law to do such things.

I understand exactly what you're saying and you are absolutely right. What it is is my next door neighbor is a federal game warden Lou Fortmanne, and he advises me on what I can and can't do. I'm also very careful NOT to put things out that could be harmful to them or in a place that is a danger to them. I've been putting out food for the crows for about 15 years. As time has gone by and all of the local wildlife has become familiar with it, literally EVERYTHING comes to feed here! Foxes, coyotes, skunks, weasels, raccoons, a huge list of ground animals! Then there are the crows, boat tailed grackles blue jays, right on up to buzzards, hawks and the eagles or course. I even had a gyre falcon, last year and his wife got some pictures of it.

Again, you are right about not "baiting" any wild bird for purposes of ill will. Please know that I love these majestic birds as much as you. As a small child, thinking I would one day fly with then was the only thing that kept me going in some very difficult times. I also take roadkill out to the field for all of them because right in front of my house last year a young red tail was killed by an ignorant asshole flying up the road!! Never even stopped!!! I hate people like that!! It's a country road and the speedlimit is 30mph!! This guy was doing atleast 60!! So even though I had always taken roadkill to the field, I'm way more diligent about it now. BTW, Lou took the dead red tail in and reported the death and why. He has the power to arrest same as police!! He was SO pissed!! There's so many things I want to tell you about him and his work! You would reallylike it!! Before he sold it, he owned a helicopter and did census monitoring of the eagles and nests! I would go with him sometimes!! It was so cool.

Anyway, thank you for caring enough to speak up. I'm very careful about the health and wellbeing of all the animals in my area. 😊💕

Waiting on the birth of these next babies 💓
Pip watch is on... Harriet and M15 both seem to be listening as they aerate, stand up and move about. This is a good sign of at least one viable egg.