Florida Cam. Watch Hatching and Raising of Bald Eagles

Harriet, taking the heat and shading her eggs...
Harriet VOCAL

Up and out to go after whatever bird came too close...
The nest has way less cover than it once had, thanks to Irma.
Also, this is unprecedented... a 2 egg second clutch.
By now their babes would be almost taking flight on their own.
This nest is giving lessons, that for the most part have never been taught.

If even one of these eggs hatch and fledge, it'll be almost ground breaking. The kicker is... in roughly 4/5 months from now, if these eggers fly free, breeding season begins anew. And Harriet and M15 will do this all again without missing a beat.
I hope.
Pretty sure they both delayed incubation on #3, cause they knew #4 was on the way... and that would have them hatching closer together than their actual lay dates, therefore the PIP timing might be slightly off. But everyone is watching very closely, when the eggs are in view.
And what the hells do we know anyway? Lol... all of this is a hmmmm moment.
Harriet can see him and is calling...

He's in one of the old dead trees, she joins him... briefly.

A very wet M15 to the attic...

and down on his eggers, looking SHINEY and clean.
Harriet to the ponds edge.. the horses run.
can you see her?.............................^

The tree between the brown and black horses, way up high, holds the castle.
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Drives backwards

It's exactly the same, but totally different
Waiting seems F O R E V E R!!!
Please let us know as soon as you know!

Hugs to you and family! Hope all are doing well in this new world we are living in!

And the eagles go on without a notice of our plight! 😍
M's gonna start bringing fish like crazy.
I expect the pantry to be full in the next 24 hours.
They just need to stay away from anything with fur and long ratty looking tails.

Fun Fact: The darker yellow an adults beak is, indicates a high consumption of fish.


Pure Scorpio
This is giving me goosebumps. Positive news from the natural world showing a healing earth and its majestic creatures during a pandemic is too huge for words, and gives me incredible joy. How long before the fuzzy muppet breaks through?
The sun here is brutal, especially up in that tree. She'll sit there shading her babes and take it cause the sun for too long would kill them. When she needs a break, she'll call for M. And then he'll sit and take the it.


Also, judging that dirty beak... she had a go at that bone.

EDIT: That's M sitting there. The closer I looked I realized the light feathers on the top of his kicked out wing. Harriet doesn't have those.
Reverse all the he's and she's in the above statement, thanks.
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