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Former singer of Cavaleiros do Forró and former drummer of Forró Pegado band die in an accident

Discussion in 'Train, Truck, Car or Motorcycle' started by Ra's Al Ghul, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. Ra's Al Ghul

    Ra's Al Ghul Connoisseur of the Dead

    A serious accident occurred in the early afternoon of this Friday (16), in the center of Aracaju, left two dead and three others seriously injured. Car that had led the singer Lívia Clivia, 37 years old (former Cavaleiros do Forró), who died in the place, would have invaded the preferential one. The information is from the accident happened at the corner of Arauá Street with Avenida Barão de Maruim in the Center of Aracaju and that the vehicle Pálio plate MVG 2035, license of Maceió, in which were the singer Eliza Clivia and members of his band would Invaded the preferred and if shocked with a collective bus. With the impact, the singer and her husband Sérgio Ramos, who was also drummer of the band, died in the place. Besides the couple, three other people on the team were in the car. Driver Cleberton José dos Santos, 35, Joao Paulo Tavares da Silva, 32, and Paulo Texeira de Carvalho, 38, were rescued with minor injuries by the Emergency Mobile Service (Samu). A team of the 8th BPM under Major Ildomário arrived minutes after the accident and made the preservation of the place so that the military firefighters and the rescue of the other victims who were badly injured. Two Samu teams were on the scene providing first aid to the survivors. Eliza and husband Sérgio Ramos returned from an interview on TV Aperipê, where they talked about the show that would be held tonight, Friday (16), when the car was hit in the side by a bus. The two died on the spot. The Medical Legal Institute (IML) was activated to carry out the expertise and removal of the bodies. - See more at: Grave acidente mata ex-vocalista da Banda Cavaleiros do Forró e o marido no centro de Aracaju - Ozildo Alves

    The security camera circuit of a store caught the beat between the bus and the car where Eliza Clivia, a 36-year-old Paraiba singer, was the former lead singer of Banda Cavaleiros do Forró and her husband, drummer Sérgio Ramos, who died in a A traffic accident in the center of Aracaju, on Friday afternoon (16), according to singer Jailson Souza's producer.

    The singer, who started her solo career four months ago, was in Aracaju to announce a show, to be held on Friday night (16), and do interviews.

    According to Souza, she and her husband were in a vehicle that crashed into a bus at the corners of Arauá and Maruim streets, when they returned from an interview. Besides the couple, three other people of the team were in the car were rescued, with minor injuries, and referred to a hospital in Aracaju. According to the police, they were identified as: Cleberton José dos Santos, João Paulo Tavares da Silva and Paulo Texeira de Carvalho.

    The Emergency Mobile Service (Samu) informed by note the state of health of the victims: Ceberton José dos Santos, 35, drove the car, was removed from the hardware and was conscious, disoriented, with auditory bleeding, but Without signs of fracture. Paulo Teixeira de Carvalho, 38, had no signs of fracture and complained of low back pain. Joao Paulo Tavares da Silva, 32, also did not present a fracture and presented pains in the thorax.

    The singer Eliza Clívia was born in 1979 in the municipality of Livramento, Cariri Paraíba, 290 kilometers from João Pessoa.

    Eliza began to sing in Monteiro in the Big Banda group had the peak of the race in 2003, by the band Cavaleiros do Forró, where it was until 2013, following for the band Cavalo de Aço.

    The body of the Paraguayan singer Eliza Clivia, 38, was released around 3:30 am on Saturday (17) of the Institute of Legal Medicine (IML) Aracaju, in the state of Sergipe. She was former vocalist of the band Cavaleiros do Forró and four months ago was in solo career.

    According to information from the IML, relatives of the artist attended the IML and made the removal of the body. The burial should take place this Sunday (18), in the city of Livramento, in the Cariri of Paraíba, where Eliza was natural and had family. The body of drummer Sérgio Ramos, continues in the IML waiting for relatives.

    The collision happened between the streets Arauá and Maruim, in the center of Aracaju. The couple was moving to TV Atalaia, an affiliate of Record in Sergipe, to give an interview in the Zero Tolerance Program. In the last post on her Instagram account, the singer said she had already arrived in Aracaju.

    According to witnesses, the car where the victims were would have invaded the preferred street, colliding with a public transport bus. The singer's producer, Jailson Souza, said five people were in the car at the time of the accident. Three of them were removed to the Urgency Hospital of Sergipe (Huse) with minor injuries.

    Carmelita Ventura, a mayor of Livramento, Carmelita de Ventura, decreed official mourning for three days in the municipality after the death of the 36-year-old Eliza Clivia, a former singer of the band Cavaleiros do Forró. Livramento is the hometown of Eliza, and the mayor is a first-degree cousin to the singer.

    Carmelita Ventura said that her relatives are traveling to Sergipe to get the body. The funeral and burial should take place in Livramento, where the family lives, probably on Sunday afternoon (18).

    "Livramento has just been shaken by the sad news of the sudden death of a daughter admired and loved by all," the mayor said in a social network. "Family in mourning, city in mourning and world of forró in mourning".

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  2. Ra's Al Ghul

    Ra's Al Ghul Connoisseur of the Dead

    links to various videos.. some show the cctv footage of the crash. some show the aftermath with the couple dead in the back seat.. and last 2 show the female's funeral.

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  3. Ra's Al Ghul

    Ra's Al Ghul Connoisseur of the Dead

    accident pics.
    37-yo-vocalist-dead-in-accident-09. 37-yo-vocalist-dead-in-accident-08. 37-yo-vocalist-dead-in-accident-06. 37-yo-vocalist-dead-in-accident-05. 37-yo-vocalist-dead-in-accident-03. 37-yo-vocalist-dead-in-accident-02. IMG-20170616-WA0103. IMG-20170616-WA0106. IMG-20170616-WA0063. IMG-20170616-WA0211-horz. WhatsApp Image 2017-06-16 at 15.08.03. IMG-20170616-WA0212. IMG-20170616-WA0211. IMG-20170616-WA0210 (1). IMG-20170616-WA0209. x1. x2. x3. x4. 1497637968.
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  4. Ra's Al Ghul

    Ra's Al Ghul Connoisseur of the Dead

    alive pics ELIZA-SERGIO-RAMOS-AGRESTE-VIOLENTO. ELIZA-CLIVIA-AGRESTE-VIOLENTO. xcvb.JPG 176314,362,80,0,0,362,271,0,0,0,0. clivia. SDC10631.JPG 013989_imgN-G. ELIZA CLÍVIA. eliza-2. eliza_clivia. AcidenteExvocalistaCavaleirosForro. 18581428_1490193814365691_4575704199760707584_n-e1497643527971. a-cantora-eliza-clivia-ex-vocalista-do-cavaleiros-do-forro-1497639575075_v2_900x506 (1). morre-eliza-clivia-acidente-aracaju-2017-2. aeaeae. RTEmagicC_elizaclivi.. dany2. 130931514. f20110214231809648. grande-elizapedroleite.
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  5. Ra's Al Ghul

    Ra's Al Ghul Connoisseur of the Dead

    Eliza Clivia alive RTEmagicC_elizaclivi.. f20110214231809648. 83651276. hqdefault. elizaclivia_6df65967069b04fa5e114c464a6c162a3294eb36. 360603. cavaleiros-forró-g. 360597. 9zt0. oorx. P1010032.JPG DSC06222.JPG DSC06540.JPG DSC06139 (1).JPG murici4. murici1. eliza_clivia_cavaleiros.
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  6. good post, ty...
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  7. angelo212

    angelo212 Well Known Member

    Great photos. Great thread.
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  8. snatch

    snatch Eat shit and bark at the moon

    Titties shoulda deployed
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  9. nola

    nola kumquat


    Might have saved her life.
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  10. snatch

    snatch Eat shit and bark at the moon

    Forever useless
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  11. Lostserenity

    Lostserenity Rookie

    I'm surprised the "photographers" didn't steal her necklace
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  12. Ra's Al Ghul

    Ra's Al Ghul Connoisseur of the Dead


    nice one..
    welll here's to a long reply and a plausible explanation...

    I've searched quite a bit... but haven't come across any coroner's reports for our pretty Eliza..

    but here's what i think...
    From the cctv footage.. it's safe to say that her car/// the Palio... was speeding.. and was at about 50 -60mph when the bis crashed into it... one moment there was no car... only the bus.. next moment her car appeared and almost immediately got t-boned by the bus...
    the bus itself was pacing at about 30-40 mph...
    also.. when the bus crashed into the car... the front half of the car,, with the driver was not hit.. the rear left passenger door took the worst hit..
    now coming down to simple physics and laws of motion...
    the Palio rapidly came to a halt from 60 to 0 mph in a fraction of a second... that's some heavy decelleration.. mind you..
    meanwhile the bus also crashed into the car and screeched to a halt... say ... 35 to 0 mph in a second...
    so that's two pretty sizeable accelerations acting on a puny car...
    and the two are in perpendicular directions.. since our victims were inside the car.. the accelerations acting on them would be the Pseudo accelerations.. so
    they would be jolted back into their seats and leftwards towards the bus , simultaneously,,, on impact...
    Now since the Palio is a small pebble compared to the huge bus... the force acting on the victims leftwards would be far greater in magnitude.

    so... they would not only be jostled front to back.. but also towards the left.. and 2nd movement would be far more powerful.

    neither the occupants of the rear seats were wearing seat belts.. so they were like a stones in a can...

    since Eliza was on the side of the bus.. she took the worst hit..
    the front to back movement was less. (as explained earlier.)
    the most was towards the left.. ie towards the Bus..
    now both she and her husband/ boyfriend were thrown towards the bus ... but between the car door + bus on one side.. and her bulky bf/hubby on the other.. Eliza was jammed / wedged in.. as a result.. the impact would've caused a massive jerking of her head and neck towards the bus.
    Now if my observations are correct.. the rear windows of the car were rolled down...
    so when the Bus struck the rear left side passenger door perpendicularly... Eliza was thrown towards the door.. and her head and neck would've jerker out of the open window... and collided with the front of the bus...

    now comping down to the anatomy and physiology and forensic aspect..

    and vehicle rapidly screeching to a halt on a straight line path ... can cause whiplash injury to the occupants.. due to forward movement of the head and neck... followed by immediate recoil onto the seat's headrest..
    now this is bad enough and can cause Extradural, subdural haemorrhages.. not to forget.. brain stem injuries...
    also there's somethhing called Coup & contre-coup head injuries.. where such jerking.. causes the brain floating in csf inside the bony skull to crash against the bone structure and get damaged..
    so a simple linear crash can cause all this..
    now this crash was involved with two directions of forces..
    so in addition to the above.. her head and neck jerked out leftward... and in absence of the glass it probably had an uniterrupted path and would've made contact with the front of the bus.. making for another set of extradural, subdural haemorrhages.. neck injuries and coup+ contre-coup damages immediately perpendicular to that explained above..

    and in such cases.. without seat belts and the window rolled down... nothing could've prevented the outcome... however.. one of the latest cars ..with impact body cage. and side air bags.. may have lessened the impact.. but the damage to the brain and dura would've been unavoidavle.. and in such a case our 37yo milf may have survived .. to live the rest of her life as a veggie.. (like Michael Schumacher...it still breaks my heart to think that my childhood hero now lives like an assisted pumpkin. )

    So all in all ... as our friend here put it.. the titties should've deployed.. and i want to say that i think they did help in a way...

    now let me explain... if out dear dead and departed Eliza had been less healthy and had been blessed with lessed inflated boobs down there.. then she being of average torso height.... when packed between her bf/ hubby on the right and the door+bus on the left.. ,,, her head and shoulders were clearly at the window level.. and so as i had explained her head would've gone out of the window at the moment of impact and smashed itself to pieces against the bus..
    in fact i was rather surprised to see her head intact.
    but , the what exactly happened.. and how did her titties help?
    well thanks to her healthy appearance and substaintially impressive bust, and sizable chest circumference... even when pressed against the door and open window on impact.. her torso was thick enough, such that her head was sufficiently far away from the front of the bus despite being half flung out of the window. that she didn't splatter her head on the front of the bus...
    the thick torso made sure her head had been sufficiently in the middle of the seat of the car.. that even the impact and being pressed on the door.. didn't give her head enough space to go smack...
    as with healthier individuals.. a thick-ish neck also helped..
    add to that.. it seems that at the time of impact... Eliza had her hair pulled to her left.. so that open loose hair also cushioned the impact of the head with the bus,,
    as a result.. her head didn't go Ker-splaaat.
    however.. she did die.. but head remained intact.. attached to neck and torso.. moreover she seems peaceful in death.. almost caught unawares ( which she probably was.)
    and her head leaning out of the window as if she's just fainted and gone limp..
    it's thanks to all that i explained above.. that she died with almost no signs of external injury save for a nose bleed that caused blood to drip down her front.

    sorry for the really long explanation..

    PS if humans were really designed to be crash proof
    we'd look a hell lot uglier...
    here's a peek

    now where's the fun in looking like that?
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  13. Funkleburger

    Funkleburger stir-crazy

    She had a decent set of maracas [​IMG]
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  14. Moshie

    Moshie Meh

    That guy got into the car with the dead people and got blood on his arm. That would never happen in the states. Brazilians have no idea how to keep a crime scene.

    Car accident? Better pull my phone out a potato record it along with everyone else in the town!
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  15. tero

    tero GOREBABY

    Wow crazy sad story.RIP................
  16. TheFeeSeeAnt

    TheFeeSeeAnt Lurker


    Yeah, here in Brazil shit's crazy, man.
    Im glad i don't live in these areas.

    Btw, i saw this dude and i lold hard.