Four Final Year Nursing Students Killed in Fatal Car Accident in Ghana

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    Four final year students of Sunyani-Tanoso Nursing Training College in Ghana were killed in a car accident which occurred on Saturday March 11th, along Sunyani-Abeseim road.

    The students identified as Dora, Florence, Gifty and Vivian were returning from Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) Nomination Jam when they met their untimely end in the accident. The driver of the car reportedly survived but sustained serious injuries.
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    That could happen if you're texting on your vodaphone when driving!
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    I was going to say what's with all the bare butts, until I realized they were three pics of the same girl from different angles. But hey, all them black people look alike to me.;)
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    There's nothing like twisted metal and bare asses.
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    Their final year of nursing to final year of life that sucks.