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Foxy lady turns on a foxhunter!!
Monitors film hunts from public roads and footpaths to gather evidence of what they believe to be the illegal hunting of wild mammals.

This footage was taken whilst monitoring the Heythrop Hunt. Hunt members all over the country often use the tactic of holding up monitors on the highway to prevent them from traveling to where the hounds and the hunting action is taking place.

Christopher Cox, long time follower and new Joint Master of David Cameron's local hunt, pedalled his bicycle in front of the monitor's vehicle, holding up a stream of traffic for a full eight and a half minutes before Emily aka The Fox, who coincidentally was on route to sab the Royal Agricultural Beagles, took action after loosing her patience with this repeated hunt arrogance.

'The Fox' is a member of the Hunt Saboteurs Association.

The United Kingdom Parliament outlawed the hunting of wild mammals with dogs with effect from 18 February 2005.

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