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Francis Heaulme (born February 25, 1959 at Metz) is a French serial killer dubbed the "Criminal Backpacker". He has Klinefelter's syndrome (a supplemental X chromosome)
No. of victims: 9+
Date of murders: 1984 - 1992
Date of birth: Feb 25, 1959
Victims: Lyonelle Gineste(17), Annick Maurice(26), Ghislaine Ponsard(61), Georgette Manesse(86), Joris Viville(10), Aline Peres(49), Sylvia Rossi(30), Laurence Guilaume(14), Jean Remy(65)
Method of murder: strangulation, stabbing with knife
Status: sentenced to several life sentences in different trials, 1994 - 2004

The "backpacker crime," a vagabond alcoholic crossed the length and breadth of France, never staying in one place and planting corpses in its wake. Without the tenacity and the flair of a policeman, he would not only have continued to kill but would not have been suspected of his previous crimes. Changing its modus operandi, his frequent travels, the confidentiality of the psychiatric institution, his life of wandering ... : Many factors contributed to its impunity. Extremely rare for a serial killer, it has happened more than once to kill with an accomplice meeting, he has not seen thereafter.

Personal Information

Parents Heaulme Francis, Nicole and Marcel Houillon Heaulme were married young. They had a daughter, Christine, six years before the birth of Francis, in 1959. They lived in Briey, Meurthe et Moselle, in the "radiant city" created by Le Corbusier, a large "bar HLM", surrounded by trees.

Francis Heaulme got along very well with his sister and vowed a boundless adoration for his mother.
Instead, his father, an electrician, was rejected by both his beautiful family (who called him "the Boche" because of his Alsatian accent pronounced) as his children: he only thought of money and women spend a large part of his salary in horse racing and spent his time drinking. It was a violent man who regularly beat his wife and children, especially the young Francis, until the age of 17. He dealt with "bastard" and "delayed" because of its appearance asexually (Heaulme did not know he was suffering from " Klinefelter syndrome ", a genetic defect that results in the presence of a gene X sex (female) extra), and often locked in the cellar.

As a teenager, Francis Heaulme drank alcohol and quickly became the last degree. On several occasions, he buried live animals.
At 20, he discovered the cyclo-tourism and cycling became his passion. He began to travel dozens of kilometers across the region.
In 1982, Heaulme learned that his mother developed cancer. In two years, the terrible disease did its work, and October 16, 1984, Nicole Heaulme died. Francis Heaulme was totally defeated by the death of his mother (" a saint , "he said) and flung herself on his coffin screaming at the funeral.
He later tried to commit suicide several times, but her father declared laconically that " doing his circus . " Marcel Heaulme quickly found a new girlfriend and sister of Francis, Christine, married to flee the family.
Heaulme Francis was exempted from military service because of "psychiatric complications" and dismissed from his job as a mason because of his alcoholism.

At age 26, single, Heaulme left home and went hitchhiking for a trip that would last murderer 8 years.

Crime and Punishment
Heaulme across more than 37 departments, ran far too fast walk, stop or train, and went to countless police stations and hospitals complain of imaginary attacks. He was detained several times in psychiatric institutions at his own request and was even diagnosed "psychopath" but left without telling anyone. He stayed in various shelters throughout the Emmaus France and signed all registers homes where he was hosted. He spent his RMI drink, sometimes mixing alcohol and tranquilizers.
occasionally he found odd jobs scrap or mason.

Heaulme traveled alone, but met some characters more or less desirable, with whom he became for a time more or less short.
Three weeks after leaving his home in November 1984, he met Joseph Molins, a man influenced and introverted, he worked with the "TP Lorraine", a construction company. Molins invited to share a drink, then asked him to make a journey with him in the car.
Given a bakery, Molins took in a young apprentice pastry stop 17, Lyonnelle Gineste, which did not please Heaulme . " For me, it was like a whore. She was sexy in her black tights . "
Lyonnelle Gineste was found naked, strangled and stabbed in a wood Montauville, near Pont-à-Mousson.

December 29, 1986, near Metz, Heaulme went into a cafe to drink alcohol with two companions of alcohol detoxification center of Maizeroy (Moselle), and Philippe Michel Elivon Magniac (died May 1995).
The next day, to 5am, drunk, they took the car and crossed Magniac a young woman hitchhiking: Annick Maurice, 26, wanted to get faster at the supermarket where she worked. Elivon helm and forced her to get in the car. Then Heaulme strangled the young woman. His body was found in a wood April 27, 1987, hidden in a thicket near Ogy, 10km and 3km from Metz detox center Maizeroy.

In April 1989, Heaulme stayed at the psychiatric center Fontonne in Antibes, mobile homes reserved for therapeutic stays at the campsite in Port Grimaud, near Saint-Tropez.
5 April, late afternoon Heaulme Belgian took a boy of 9 years, Joris Viville on camping. In the evening he returned to the psychiatric center, very nervous and anxious, and told the nursing staff have killed someone in Port Antibes. We did not take it seriously.
Joris naked body was found Viville 17 days later, hidden behind a tank, on a carpet of ferns. He had been strangled and stabbed numerous times with a screwdriver.
No member of the psychiatric center contacted the police and they took refuge behind the secret medical ...
Heaulme told thereafter be removed from the center with a nurse to drink beer not far from the campsite.

On 14 May 1989, a Sunday, stabbed and slaughtered Heaulme Aline Peres, a carer for 49 years, the Moulin Blanc beach, near Brest. His body was discovered by walkers shortly after his death in the late afternoon.
Constable who would stop Heaulme was assigned to the case. Sergeant-chef Jean-François Abgrall, the gendarmerie Relecq-Kerhuon, had the strong impression that this brutal crime and precise was the work of a killer who have committed other crimes, with the " experience ". But a murder without apparent reason or mobile, as carer was a gentle and appreciated.
Abgrall learned that the murder weapon was a knife of iron, probably an Opinel.
The beach was crowded with the time of the murder, but unfortunately not that specific location. However, several witnesses contacted the police. One man explained that he had seen two men approach the victim, but he was subsequently returned to listen to the radio. This area of the beach was frequented by drug addicts and dropouts, which were then interviewed.
Gendarmes learned that many homeless people frequented the local Emmaus center. They went there, only to learn that most of the "community" had left the center for not having to deal with the police ...
The names of these men were on the record and search notices were issued.

On 19 June 1989, Abgrall was called by the police of Saint-Clair-sur-Elle in La Manche: colleagues came to challenge one of the central fringe Emmaus Brest, a man named Francis Heaulme. It was very tense, alert, and just shook his hand.Abgrall violence felt immediately flush skin behind the face prematurely aged Heaulme.

Almost immediately thinking qu'Abgrall was an investigator of Saint-Lô and non Brest, Heaulme said he had "Army" in transmissions, Frankfurt, and explained the technique to be used " to kill a sentry "giving it a stab in the neck, then the heart and kidneys ... It is precisely in this way Aline Peres had been murdered. Abgrall wondered if Heaulme did not come simply to confess to the murder of the caregiver. Heaulme added that he was taking " anti-anxiety pills "which gave" impulses ":" I see streams of blood on my hands . " This only increased the suspicions of Abgrall.
Heaulme but had an excellent alibi for the time of the murder, he was in the cardiology department of a hospital in Quimper, 80km away, where a nurse had took his temperature at the time of the murder.Abgrall and therefore had to release Heaulme disappeared in nature.

Intrigued and persuaded to hold his guilt, Constable Abgrall nonetheless continued its investigation with determination, against the advice of his superior. Its commander, convinced of the guilt of another man, the more "likely", asked the police to investigate Brest no longer alongside Abgrall.
latter nevertheless decided to find another SDF Heaulme with which said spending time in Brest before the murder. He quickly learned that Heaulme lied on at least two points: he had never "done the army" and the other SDF had never set foot in the Emmaus community. Although the press did not reveal the precise nature of blows to Aline Peres, Heaulme had described exactly the procedure killer ...
Abgrall then went to the hospital to check the alibi Quimper Francis Heaulme . There, he finally discovered that when a patient was absent, in hospital, the nurse on duty simply noted the temperature of the thermometer placed on the nightstand! The alibi Heaulme was therefore seriously undermined.

In August, Abgrall went to the Technical Service legal research Rosny-sous-Bois and sought to learn more about Heaulme and his career. He learned that the brigade search Avignon trying to learn more about a certain ... Francis Heaulme.
Abgrall went to Vaucluse, where the brigade commander explained his case: Jean-Joseph Clement, a former legionnaire and farmer of 60 years, was found in the bushes, their skulls crushed with stones without pants. The body was lying on the banks of the Ouvèze, not far from center Emmaus. Extremely violent murder at the water's edge, a Emmaus community, two troubling similarities.
Chief Brigadier explained that Heaulme was controlled by police the day of the discovery of the body, but was released on bail. He came from Marseilles, where he said he was hospitalized. After verification, Abgrall learned that he had not been seen at the hospital since the morning of August 7, the day of the murder ...

Mid-November, the brigade commander of the gendarme Avignon recontacta Abgrall: Francis Heaulme was controlled in Meurthe-et-Moselle, and was held in a police station. Abgrall went there and came into the night.
The colonel asked Heaulme Avignon, who denied the murder of Jean-Joseph Clement and claimed to have traveled to many cities, but we can verify it. The head, tired and indecisive, hampered by the fact that Heaulme was perhaps the Marseille hospital on August 7, returned to the south, leaving alone with his Abgrall suspect.
In the middle of the night when the policeman accompanied to the chamber safety Heaulme dropped: " I know that you know, it is a 'glitch' story 'and added that it was " the fault of the Gauls . " He then went to bed without adding anything more.

Abgrall then returned to Brittany, and, given its lack of results (or rather "despite" ...) its workforce was further reduced. Constable continued his investigation anyway, this time in search of the "Gauls". Abgrall circled France, interviewing all the homeless who had been present at the center of Brest and Emmaus had been scattered across the country.
In June 1990, a colleague put his hand on the old Paris to cook the Emmaus community Relecq-Kerhuon, a man named Didier. Abgrall made ​​the journey to the capital. Didier told him qu'Heaulme fled the community before the murder Aline Peres after committing a robbery and having been discovered.He then explained that he had spent the afternoon with a carpenter to Emmaus, a certain Philip, with whom he had been drinking near the Moulin Blanc beach. Abgrall sought to know if Philip had already been convicted, but received nothing interesting except one photo: the so-called Philippe, with his long hair and mustache, like a permanently ... Gauls.

Abgrall then used the national database of missing persons to obtain the dates of the "Gaulois" could be controlled. He found nothing and then tried the same thing with Heaulme. To his surprise, the file presented him with a good sixty pages illustrating its perpetual wanderlust. In two months, Heaulme could cross a dozen departments. Which augur the worst if he killed every time.
"Le Gaulois" was perhaps the only one to know the course of events on the beach of the White Mill, but it was not found and the policeman could Abgrall that wait. A change of hierarchy and extra work him away from his investigation for almost a year.

On 7 May 1991, Francis Heaulme he met Michel Guillaume, 19, and her cousin Laurence William, 14 years, May Fair, near Metz.
Following the festival, Laurence returned to her home in Servigny- lès-Sainte-Barbe, moped. Michel followed the helm and in the latter's car " for him illuminate the road with the headlights . " Heaulme talked with the young man and told him that his cousin was beautiful and that he " would be the well . "Guillaume Michel confessed to vagabond also would have liked " jump "his cousin. He was still a virgin, he had been drinking heavily ...
Shortly before the entrance to the village, they caught up and overthrew. They forced her to get into the car and took him 10km away in a cornfield. Francis Heaulme "stung" Laurence neck with a knife to overawe and ordered William to rape her, but the young man found himself unable to. Heaulme then took the girl " later . "
The next day a boy Vigy discovered the body of William Laurence, stripped and slaughtered.

In July 1991, Abgrall was again contacted by a colleague of Rosny-sous-Bois, who warned that "Le Gaulois" was Bayonne. Unfortunately, his superiors did not believe at all in the guilt of Heaulme and ordered him to remain in his office.
In December of the same year, Abgrall was learned that Heaulme Bischwiller in Alsace, where he worked in a combination of rehabilitation.Constable had to quickly close the "Folder Aline Peres" and decided to try it all out.

He went to Alsace with a colleague and found that Heaulme lived with a woman, Georgette, divorced, childless, slightly handicapped by five years her senior. She asked him to detox and he was bent there good graces.On Sundays, he was accustomed to accompany him to church.
During the hearing, Heaulme confessed to having lied about his involvement in the Army and have just been " printing "have been at the beach " in (his) dreams . " Abgrall could not draw anything more.Upon his return to Britain, his superior Rennes asked to complete the file and Abgrall finally decided to solve it ... after the Christmas holidays.

But on 26 December, he was told that "Le Gaulois" was arrested in Bourges and Abgrall rushed. Very nervous the vagrant quickly admitted having attended the Emmaus community and know Relecq-Kerhuon Heaulme: " He drank a lot and became bad after . " He added that many of the women spoke Heaulme " would all jump "and" talking to himself . "
He finished by explaining that he had been drinking Heaulme and not far from the beach. Helm was very upset and was directed to " a woman who bronzait there . " "Le Gaulois" followed him, thinking he was going to hurt him. Helm had seized the woman by the throat and ordered the "Gaulois" to leave.Frightened, he obeyed.
testimony This finally allowed to charge capital murder Heaulme Aline Peres.

On the night of 4 to 5 January 1992, Jean Rémy, 65 depressed after the death of his wife, living in Amiens, had intended to go to Le Touquet, but fell asleep on the train to the terminus in Boulogne-sur-Mer.
He wandered along the beach, depressed, not knowing where to go, and met Heaulme. They talked a while and then suddenly stabbed Heaulme.

On 7 January 1992, Abgrall went back to Bischwiller with a colleague. Heaulme greeted by pointing out he had " missed the holidays "and he had the opportunity to go see the sea ..
He was taken to the office of Strasbourg and the policeman asked him Abgrall tell his career. Heaulme replied that " this story (the) worked "since 1989, but that" at the time (he) was ill, alcoholic and dangerous . " It brought back Abgrall love saying " war situations ", the" close combat scenes "," dagger ". He said to have lying on the beach and have " dreamed "of a woman murdered with a knife the day before the murder, and then be back the day of the murder. He agreed to a sketch, very detailed, to clarify its position. Abgrall Heaulme then invited to lunch with him and a colleague. Mess of the police, he suddenly explained Heaulme Aline Peres murdered and that " it looked nice . " Income in the office of hearing Abgrall patiently managed to convince him to calm down and tell everything. Quietly, without realizing the horror of words he spoke, the "backpacker" described how he was grabbed by the throat and stabbed the caregiver. then waiting to go to the prosecutor in Strasbourg, they remained in the room rest. There, a local police officer who had met Heaulme and Abgrall in November 1989, for questioning about the murder of Jean-Joseph Clement with the brigade commander Avignon Heaulme asked if he was also responsible for this murder there. Heaulme answered in the affirmative, adding that he used " a big stone hit him in the head . " Investigators, stunned, could not, however, write a report valid, given qu'Abgrall was commissioned for the murder of Aline Peres.

Suspect in his hand (and in jail), Abgrall then began another hunt: the truth. It aired nationally message Heaulme raising the possibility that a serial killer is. He was contacted by several police and gendarmerie who wanted more information.Abgrall obtained a judge a "permit to communicate" with Heaulme on other cases as the murder of Aline Peres, as were many requests. He was responsible for centralizing these requests and get other permits to colleagues in other cities.
Abgrall went to the prison of Brest Heaulme and asked to explain his career. The latter replied simply that 1989 was the " black year "... because he had not removed the witness of the crime, "Gaul"! He repeated that it was " not (his) fault , "he had" glitches "but that had changed.
Abgrall asked him to make a written list of "glitches" that it had had. Heaulme establishes a list of fifteen "pips" between 1987 and 1991, assuming there were others, but that he " needed to think . " Abgrall then asked him to name all the cities he had visited and appreciated, and noted everything.
few days later, he came back to talk to him and resumed their discussion Heaulme exactly where it left off. He spoke with a woman he had seen being beaten with fists and feet by a man mesh in 1989. From a gypsy stabbed by an Arab in 1990. Two " kids "who had thrown stones" in the East ", near an embankment with a train track and he had seen dead near wagons shortly after ironing. A young girl biking in Bayonne and having jumped off cliffs in 1990 ...
Using the central computer of the gendarmerie, Abgrall tried to connect the business to discover the names and dates, but obtained nothing. He noticed that the cases handled by the police were not necessarily in the databases of the police, especially the facts oldest.
Constable therefore use a phone and a pencil, and again his colleagues contacted investigators. He learned that assaults or murders had taken place, but the dates and / or locations do not match, including the history of gypsy stabbed. He discovered that by Heaulme against Bayonne was well during the summer of 1990, during which a young girl was found dead at the foot of a cliff. But he found nothing on the two children near the railway.
Abgrall thought it was possible that Heaulme voluntarily blended several stories so that the link be made ​​between him and other murder cases. He used convoluted schemes, real puzzle need decrypt.

Many investigators came to interview Heaulme themselves with more or less conviction and happiness. Heaulme scribbled sketches and precise fit often show an amazing memory.

Throughout the interviews, all Abgrall recorded and checked carefully all the words of the killer. He understood and whenever qu'Heaulme would tell a real murder, " he put a white shirt, pleated trousers and shoes disco. He thinks I'm not a killer because the accused can not be so well dressed . "
He also discovered that he had reached Heaulme kill with an accomplice Heaulme was indicted with another vagabond Didier Gentil , for the murder of Laurent Bureau, a young conscript, which he described in detail the ordeal to investigators Périgeux.

In February 1993, the Directorate General of the National Gendarmerie, a cell was specially created to investigate crimes likely Heaulme Francis. Abgrall received in responsibility and he was granted a colleague technical center approximation to the criminal research institute of the National Gendarmerie de Rosny-sous-Bois, specifically to assist him.
Abgrall and his colleague accomplished a long painstaking work, overlapping business, looking for commonalities and differences. The computer in the police crossed hundreds of information. Fines that Heaulme SNCF had never paid the incessant complaints he filed his application with social organizations, the only sentence which he has bailed (in Besançon in 1989. Heaulme 50 francs had stolen an old lady. Without knowing why, he went and spent 38 days in prison).

Abgrall, patient, attentive to every word, nursing vocabulary (do not talk about murder or sex), see Heaulme returned alone or with other investigators, and let him speak again, but when correcting the wrong in the enferrant in its contradictions.
Heaulme several murders confessed with a wealth of detail, but always mixing areas, changing certain elements.
example, in May 1993 he explained: " One day, between Dunkirk and Cherbourg, I strangled a tree. I shook it became soft. It was a young man. "It situa scene in 1989 and stated that he had left the body" 12 km from the sea . " Abgrall, finding nothing in the archives of the north of France, sought in the summary file the gendarmerie. A dead child had been discovered "at 12 km from a beach," but in the south, Port-Grimaud: small Joris Viville. By cons, Heaulme Boulogne had indeed killed, but it was Jean Rémy, 65, in January 1992, just before being arrested!
While some investigators were very interested Heaulme confessions, others treated him with disdain and, when he had the intuition that Heaulme was indeed responsible, Abgrall's sometimes convince them. Thus, Abgrall colleague noticed a murder case in Alsace from May 1991, the William Laurence.The policeman went to Metz, where he secured firmly Heaulme that was not the culprit. After verification, Abgrall found that hospitalizations Heaulme dates did not correspond with those given by the witnesses interviewed for his alibi, which did not prevent the police to conclude that the tramp had nothing to do with the murder the young Laurence William. One of the investigators came therefore ask Heaulme, without conviction, and concluded he told "anything." He sank still persuade them to return a month later. This time, Heaulme described in detail the murder of William Laurence, but accusing his cousin (whom he called "Dominique") to be the author. Finally, he admitted stabbing the girl.

End of 1993, Heaulme confessed the murder of Joris Viville.
In prison, he was threatened by other inmates, who traditionally hate child killers. Helm is shut and refused to speak. Defender " great Parisian lawyer who defends free "hastened to accuse the police handling ...
Before the media pressure, Abgrall's superiors, fearing bad publicity, decided to put an end to the special cell. It lasted another six months time to complete a few surveys (but not all), then disappeared for good.

The first trial for the murder of Aline Peres, opened January 28, 1994 before the Court of Assizes of Finistère, Quimper. The prosecution explained that during his interrogation, Heaulme had initially claimed that he was not, on that day, near the beach. Then, in fact, he was there. That the day before, he had dreamed of the crime, but he had not done. Later, he began to tell the murder, as a spectator, in the third person. Finally, he used the "I": " I was very upset. I walked up to the woman. (...) She saw what was going to happen. She saw the knife. I spoke to her and told her: "I'm Heaulme Francis, I have a problem, I want to talk to you." I also said: "I dreamed that you would be stabbed." The woman was afraid she screamed. "He explained that he" saw red "and struck.

's lawyer Heaulme explained that his client was weak and impressionable and had confessed under pressure. He insinuated that the real culprit should be "Le Gaulois", which had to tell Francis Heaulme murder.
Jurors did not allow themselves totally convincing, but still escaped Heaulme to life. On 29 January, he was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment accompanied by a safety period of two thirds.

In June 1994, Abgrall Heaulme saw for the last time. The special cell from reaching its conclusion, he was asked to stop his investigation and leave his investigations into the crimes of "backpacker".Heaulme told him he wanted to be interned in a psychiatric facility and not imprisoned, insinuating he was crazy.
then, knowing he was safe since their conversation had no legal framework, he told Abgrall, in detail, how he died young called Périgueux, Laurent Bureau. He then revealed that he had killed more men than women, and the policeman did not fail to point out that he had confessed to the murder of a single man ...
They stood there and Abgrall had to admit that bitterly Heaulme was probably responsible for other unsolved murders.

September 29, 1995, the Court of Assizes of the Moselle in Metz, Francis Heaulme condemned to life imprisonment together with a safety period of 18 years for complicity in rape and murder of William Laurence. Laurence's cousin was sentenced to 18 years in prison.
In April 1997, Heaulme was tried before the Court of Assizes in Périgueux in the Dordogne, for the murder of Laurent Bureau, a young soldier of 19 years in 1986, with one of his accomplices, Didier Gentil (convicted of Jourdan murder of Celine, 7, murdered in July 1988). The young man, who was returning from a weekend spent with his parents, went to the gym Perigueux, where he wanted to attend a sporting event (which was canceled), when he crossed the marginalized, including Heaulme and Gentile.Laurent Bureau had been tortured and raped for hours before being shattered skull with a fire extinguisher.
Heaulme admitted to having participated in the murder Gentile was then retracted. The prosecution explained that Gentile had repeatedly lied about his alleged friendship with Laurent Bureau, there were strong similarities between the "modus operandi" of the murder of Celine Laurent Jourdan and one whose office was victim passed around the link neck, disfigurement, bodies found almost entirely naked; Heaulme Francis seemed to have been " spontaneous and sincere "in his testimony with the" exact directions , "Gentile said that when he had killed Laurent Bureau ...
According to the prosecutor, Didier Gentil was " the initiator of barbarism "and Heaulme" his active accomplice . " The lawyer for the family of Laurent Bureau supported the same argument, and the lawyer Heaulme, which found that " financial reports "should bind and Laurent Didier Gentil Bureau, and that it was probably the subject of a "racket organized" by Didier Gentil.
But these arguments do not fully convinced the jury and without evidence, when in doubt, Heaulme and Gentile were acquitted of the murder.
Heaulme admitted his surprise, because he believed to be sentenced again.
End of May 1997, the Court of Assizes of the Var, Draguignan, thought Francis Heaulme for the murder of Joris Viville, the Belgian boy. The boy's mother offered a poignant account of his ordeal, which did not seem to move at all Heaulme since continued to accuse his alleged accomplice to be the real killer. And, during the testimony of a policeman Var, he took it coolly, saying that the boy had been 83 and not 84 shots screwdriver.
On May 24, the jury condemned Heaulme to life imprisonment, accompanied a minimum sentence of 22 years.
(The alleged accomplice Heaulme, a nurse present at his trial, could not be mistaken, and has never been accused of anything).
On 9 September 1999, the Court of Assizes of Pas-de-Calais, St. Omer, sentenced Francis Heaulme to 15 years imprisonment for the murder of Jean Rémy, the sexagenarian de Boulogne.
On 26 November 1999, the Court of Assizes of Meurthe-et-Moselle condemned Francis Heaulme to 30 years imprisonment for the murder of Lyonelle Gineste.
His accomplice, Jose Molins (denounced by Francis Heaulme 1996) was sentenced to 10 years' imprisonment for complicity in murder.
Early December 2001, Francis was tried before Heaulme the Assize Court of the Moselle in Metz, with his partner, Philippe Elivon for the murder of Annick Mauritius.
During the investigation, the two men were rejected mutual responsibility for the crime before Philip Elivon declares not to have participated. The prosecution explained qu'Heaulme had always claimed to have participated in the murder of a passive way, but gave a different version of the facts in detail each of its interrogations ...
Heaulme stated at the time it was taking medication (" I was drugged ") and offered yet another version of events:" It was an accident . "
An investigator from the police came Metz detail the hearing during which Heaulme confessed his involvement. " Francis told us that he was out with Philippe and Michel Elivon Magniac (died May 1995) for a night on the town. He explained that the three men went to a cafe to drink alcohol . " According to the testimony of Heaulme " Elivon has raised force a woman into the vehicle. He said he heard the woman scream . " Elivon helm was then accused of having caught Annick Maurice tried to escape before strangling her.
Elivon Philippe, a Reunion 50 years, according to experts is " a man of normal intelligence, very shy, very inhibited that upon the death of his mother plunged into alcoholism , "a man" weak and impressionable character . " He recognized initially have witnessed the death of Maurice Annick, blaming the murder Heaulme.
Advocate General recognized that the evidence was lacking, but the precise confessions of the two accused were overwhelming.
8 December, the court Francis Heaulme assize condemned to 30 years imprisonment and Philippe Elivon to 15 years in prison.
December 18, 2002, Heaulme enjoyed a non-place for the murder of Jean-Joseph Clement, a farmer found on the banks of the Ouvèze to Bédarrides (Vaucluse), beaten to death with stones in 1989. Francis Heaulme had confessed the crime to the police in January 1992 before retracting. The judge ruled his confession " non-detailed "local police and admitted that they had abandoned its track.
According to the judge, the only thing that remained the case, confessions initial Heaulme Francis retracted thereafter, n was not conclusive. He noted in his order that all evidence had been lost by the court , including a bloody pants dropped by the murderer. He also emphasized that no act of instructionhad been made ​​between 1993 and 2000. That did not stop to question not justice, but the policeman Jean-François Abgrall. The judge explained to question " the actual circumstances "of these confessions and" degree of spontaneity "...
Helm was found in December 2004 for the murders of two retired, Ghislaine Ponsard, 61, and Georgette Manesse, 86 years in Charleville-Mezieres in June 1988, and the murder of Sylvie Rossi, 30, 19 July 1989 Villers-Allerand in the Marne.
In 1992, at a hearing, he told investigators the presence of a sign that they did not even notice. The murder of the waitress who had taken a stop and would have made ​​" proposals "is the only one that Francis Heaulme never returned.
Both elderly women were stabbed repeatedly in Georgette Manesse.
Sylvie's body Rossi was discovered naked July 19, 1989 near the RN-51. The autopsy determined that she had died of a burst liver following very violent beating she suffered. She was covered with bruises and strangulation marks on her neck appeared.
Heaulme was convicted of three murders and was sentenced to 30 years in prison.
In June 2006, Heaulme was indicted for the murders of small Beining Cyril and Alexandre Beckrich, September 28, 1986 in Montigny-lès-Metz (Moselle), in which Patrick Dils served fifteen years in prison before being cleared definitively on 24 April 2002.
Heaulme confirmed to have been present on the same day near the scene of the crime (he had been hired by a company located 400 meters from the scene), but said he had not killed the two boys.
But helm had explained, during a hearing, seeing " two dead children alongside cars ", near a slope.
During the trial during which Dils was cleared, two fishermen came to testify that they had Heaulme extended to his grandmother, the day of the double murder, the blood-stained clothes and walking along the railway.
Heaulme claimed to have spent the afternoon of September 28 with a friend. The friend denied.
Heaulme claimed to know a small path leading up to the railroad tracks because he borrowed it with friends to go to the pool. " It was a shortcut . " Friends denied. Investigators road again. They found that " the shortcut [was] a detour . " Helm is returned to the scene in the evening, making a detour of 4 km and was controlled by the police. He has not made ​​the same day, at the hospital where he was removing stitches.
early October 2006, a reconstruction of the events took place, but it was unfortunately not possible to establish developments.
In December 2007, Heaulme received a dismissal for double murder, for lack of sufficient evidence against him.


Lyonelle Gineste (17)
Strangled and murdered by José Molins Heaulme and in November 1984, in the forest of Puvenelle, near Pont-à-Mousson. Annick Maurice (26 years old) Murdered by Philip Francis and Elivon Heaulme, December 30, 1986 in the suburbs of Metz. Ghislaine Ponsard (61 years) and Georgette Manesse (86) stabbed to Charleville in June 1988, the home of the second. Joris Viville (10 years) Strangled and stabbed with a screwdriver, April 5 1989 in Port-Grimaud, near Saint-Tropez. Aline Peres (49) Stabbed to death on the beach Moulin Blanc, near Brest, May 14, 1989. Sylvie Rossi (30) Beaten to death and strangled Villers-Allerands in the Marne, July 19, 1989. Laurence William (14 years old) Murdered by Heaulme with Michel Guillaume, May 7, 1991, near Metz. Rémy Jean (65) Stabbed in the night of 4 January 5, 1992 in Boulogne-sur-Mer. Heaulme was charged and acquitted of other murders (Laurent Bureau in 1986 and Jean-Joseph Clement, 1989). was suspect him of having committed a dozen other assassinations.

Heaulme victims were either female or male, children, young people and adults, and he met accidentally killed impulsively.
Having a sidekick (and alcohol consumption) has often favored the transition to act, but he frequently acted alone.
killings often had a sexual motivation (frustrated by his impotence) has denied that Heaulme, and most showed a great brutality (Joris Viville was stabbed 83 times with a screwdriver!) . Heaulme killed either with fists, stones, knives or throttling.
During interrogations, Heaulme had two desires conflict, that of speaking to brag and be silent than to escape justice. On several occasions, he gave the first but only after a long journey.
Heaulme never spoke of murder but "seed" unimportant details, citing days between 1986 and 1991 during which the "seed" coincided with murder. He multiplied versions of the facts, explaining that " each time that (he) goes somewhere, there is a murder . " He introduced himself as "nice" who tried to intervene. He was then witness involuntary and accidental because " it is never he who commits a crime directly . " Later, the first culprit disappeared and finally Heaulme confessed to the murder.
, but then had to put every detail in context to link with the correct case. Heaulme and is often retracted after his confession.
Helm had no criminal record and has always ensured to be considered an honest man. It is often taken refuge in hospitals or psychiatric institutions 85 times in five years. There, he came to confess to killing his confession but were covered by medical confidentiality.


The case of Francis Heaulme was extensively discussed by several psychiatrists and psychologists sometimes lead to opposite conclusions.
" Personality disharmonious "," psychomaniaque , "" megalomaniac "," pathological liar "," shy but vain ", all qualifiers are passed. According to experts, is clear that alcohol aggravates his impulses.
To Dr. Jean-Claude Dubouis-Bonnefond, the personality of Francis Heaulme is " composite ":" there are elements like the taste of obsessive storage, cleanliness, and psychotic elements . "
He believes that n ' "there is no alteration or abolition of discernment "at Francis Heaulme.
Dr. Michel Dubec believes that the passage to the act in Heaulme is " encouraged by the absorption of alcohol , "but rejects the abolition of discernment and decide for its simple alteration. According to the psychiatrist, " the passage to the act speaks more to the disruption of his personality than his will . "Francis Heaulme personality is so disharmonious (a "schizophrenic dissociation" or disintegration of the personality, as defined by the Robert) that " it is not even able to show the evil sense of the term . " " Francis Heaulme is powerless. When in a group and there is rape, as it can not, it goes to overcompensation by the act of murder . "
the responsibility is certainly altered but " it does not suffer from pathological disease and is accessible to a criminal sanction , "says Dr. Dubec.
Heaulme offset his impotence and the one that felt the impossibility of preventing violence by his father megalomaniac impulses, favored by its high alcohol consumption. " At one point, he is confronted by his impotence, so it goes to the next stage and it is the chain murderer . "
Several psychiatrists describe Francis Heaulme as a " limited intelligence ", which is similar, with an IQ estimated at 60," debility light . " Others believe that intelligence is " just about average ". Constable Abgrall must surely consider that it is far from being stupid ...
Dr. Jacques Henry, who has inspected four times Heaulme, stressed the " great social intelligence "of Heaulme which," by its marginalization, his way of life, gets into the trust and intimacy of others to manipulate . " " He is able to persuade others, he boasts also stating that the 'looking into his eyes,' there 'always comes' "... " This is what explains that there is almost always an accomplice, often interpret the sexual part of the crime. This accessory is not anyone, this is someone who has a weak point identification with him . "
Experts stress the tendency of mythomaniaque Heaulme. " I would not be able to disentangle the true from the false. Sometimes he say anything, but it can also tell the truth , "says Dr. Dubec example. In addition, Dr. Dubec Heaulme qualifies as "stupid conceited", " a classification that dates back to the 18th century "and that leads him to boast of his acting out.
Heaulme has always been a lot of recognition. He self-mutilated with his Opinel and rushed in police stations claiming he had been assaulted. Teenager, he slashed arms, legs and torso with broken bottles. One way to attract attention, to express his moral suffering.
Finally, psychiatrists also noted that Heaulme suffers from "Klinefelter syndrome", that is to say, a chromosomal abnormality: the presence of a gene X sex (female) extra. This genetic abnormality, which was diagnosed in Heaulme Francis after his arrest, despite 130 hospitalizations suffered during his wanderings criminal, resulting in an alteration of sexual identity, testicular atrophy, and in some cases, a slight weakness.
Very careful, experts say, however, that only leads Klinefelter not the way to act. " There is no correlation between crime, delinquency, violence and Klinefelter . '
Experts and investigators noted " a block when it comes to killing children , "sometimes convulsive tremors.
Heaulme never showed any remorse for his crimes. He never had the slightest word or thought for his victims.
"Intelligence Limited" or not, it is a predator and a manipulator who always attacked vulnerable victims.
He found excuses (" I was sick, I drank "), has accused his victims of provoking (" she was sexy in those black tights, it was like a bitch ") or even lied saying they had assaulted (" I threw stones ").
He also questioned Jean-François Abgrall, stating during his trial that he had spoken " to make him happy "or" pressure "of the police, but explain how he had been able to provide so much detail and make sketches as accurate crime scene ...


"Francis Heaulme accessible is the criminal penalty?" asked the president.
"the only sentence that would work would be doomed to anonymity," answered Dr. Michel Klein Annick Maurice at trial .
"That's it, it will not change anything, she died, she died, that's all" Francis Heaulme speaking of the murder of Annick Maurice .
_ "When I want something, I want it, I take it. It is in the head.
_A any price?
_Ouais. When I want something, I have. " Francis Heaulme to Jean-François Abgrall in 1994 .
"There, that's not me. My style is the Opinel and I strangle bare hands" Heaulme Dils during the trial in April 2002 .

Books in French:

Author: Jean-François Abgrall Edition: Albin Michel Year: 2002 Summary: Constable Abgrall allows us to follow him, step by step, a difficult investigation, and a killer outsized.Critique: Abgrall follow us treasure hunt that allowed him to reach Heaulme. It accurately describes the investigation, the behavior of the killer and the labyrinth of thought, difficulty in convincing other investigators guilt, the special relationship that formed between him and Heaulme ... You feel bitter about his former "house" (the police) and intrigued when the future of Heaulme, should perhaps, he says, be in a mental hospital rather than prison. It lacks a timeline. A fascinating book. FRANCE THE SERIAL KILLER Author: Frédéric Vézard Edition: FlammarionYear: 2002 Summary: This book is devoted to modern French serial killers, including Francis Heaulme.Critique: The thesis is that the killers Vézard French benefited of "blindness and disorganization of institutions unprepared to face these beasts of a new kind." The worst is that we must recognize that it has not quite wrong ... There was not so long ago, many officials felt that "serial killers, does not exist in France."

Movies and Documentaries:

Collection "History of ..." on France 2:
In "The Psychology of Crime", released June 20, 2000, Abgrall how he investigated Heaulme and eventually understand its tortuous way to engage . the movie " In the mind of the killer , "inspired by the book by Jean-François Abgrall, was broadcast on TF1 in March 2005. Bernard Giraudeau plays Abgrall and Thierry Frémont is a Heaulme chilling truth: unpredictable, confused, despicable ... but so commonplace. Web links: Another portrait of Francis Heaulme: Ben at The Moselle General Council website research units of the gendarmerie Dils The case: a personal site on the case


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