French teacher beheaded




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But diversity and multi culturism and everyone living everywhere is the plan is It not?
When I grew up at school you got books saying these live here n look like that,these here, look like that. Believe this, believe that. That's the world. Why not leave it like that? France is full of psychotic muzzy fucks. I'd still not draw a Mohammad tho...


That head looks fake as hell. If you've seen the old infamous ISIS beheading videos (that don't actually show anything) of Western hostages, touted wildly in the MSM some years back, the bright viewer with just basic understandings of video technique and special effects will know they're staged. It's really a terrible conclusion to reach, that the world's top leaders - from Obama to Macron - may be well aware of this. Why the world needs to be run this way, with constant lies and fake news 24/7 is a mystery to me, whether there's a bigger plan behind it or simply vile criminal psychopaths running the world...because they can.