Friends until the end

they wrote in their journals they sucked each others cock? lulz

I've read their journals as well and it didn't say that anywhere in them, got a linky link?


Irrelevant sidenote...the medals people get on this website are fucking hilarious. Much more than you would think hahaha


There's some rally interesting stuff out there about a 3rd gunman, hot the blood platter in the library is all wrong and how the others in the library heard shots after these 2 went down. Memphis 3 all over again!


Nice name OP, great pics too. I'm surprised neither of them chickened out of it, unless they did it at the exact same time.
have never seen that second pic before, really like the quality of it though i know its grainy but its just right. anyway heres a great vid and yes its related i guess you could say it's a reconstruction though gore wise it's limited but for those who find these guys interesting u may like. and if anyone likes doom you should love
My brain has fucking melted out of my ears so many times to this song. Electric Wizard and sleep is what you lose your mind too. I like this purely for the song.
totally agree almost every track from every album has been great, a lot of people seem to dislike there latest offerings but i find them as good as ever.
though i have never bought a sleep album so i'm not too sure there lol, saying that i've listened to dragonaut a few too many times