FSA creating a brigade of child soldiers


Expected to be impressed.
The terrorists in Fsa using children to fight for their destruction of Syria.

A disgusting video showing children being used by extremists. Video got linked by @potifar66 on twitter.

Children do not make this choice, they are tricked by adults who have no honor and will abuse children for their goals.

These people are not representative of anything Islam, they are just terrorists of disgusting nature.

And you can be sure that when these children have died in vain, the terrorists will proclaim a "massacre" of children; that they sent into death.

These monsters are what the SAA fight against.



Let It All Bleed Out
I kinda get it...that crowd could have been anywhere but it gets pegged as a human shield. Weird shit.

But this vid really should be posted in the Misc. section...not the Gore Media section.