Fuck you Greta...


Yer can Bollocks M8
The Earth has been warming up and cooling down for billions of years since it was formed. Lots of bullshit out there about it all. The Uk Govenment uses it as an excuse to rip people off with green taxs/carbon tax etc,etc.
You really are a cynical fellow Jiz, you know the UK Govt has its citizens best interests at heart, they never stop telling us what our best interests are. Just look at Brexit, it is in our best interest to become a slave state to the EU only we are too stupid to understand why. I'm really happy that I'm a thicko and the Govt makes all of my important decisions for me, its stops my head from hurting with the complexities of modern life.

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Greta go to China and tell them stop fucking polluting there dumping tones of c02 onto the atmosphere and go to the 3rd world dumping tones of plastics in to the rivers and seas.
yeah Greta, float your boat up the stinkin' Ganges, Yangtze or Yellow Rivers.