Fuck you Greta...


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Just found out this girl comes from a family of actors .She has a father, grandfather and grandmother who are professional actors. It's Dad is an author, arts manager, producer, and actor. Her mother is an entertainer and opera singer so you can see where the acting little bitch gets it from. Plus i'd bet bigger players have put her up to this and given her all the publicity. I mean who would listen to a 16 year old? Not China/Indaia/Russia etc.etc. No it will just be the modern western world who gets shafted with taxes from all this shit. Like i keep saying the earth's been warming up and cooling down for 13 billion years. Wish i wouldn't have read this topic now and read about thisn little cunt.
mark my words though normal working people are going to get shafted large sacle to make mega rich people even richer.
The working class have been shafted since year dot mr jizdrop 1 the rich get richer and the poor get more poor just the way it is.