Fuck you Greta...

it has nothing to do with her being a female... to most of us guys she's pretty much a little boy with long hair. Sex is only really a thing if you're a pedophile checking out whats on the menu for the day.... besides that... none of us even think about girl or boy. That's just how most "cock holders" feel at least...

To me I pretty much view people in general as just that, it seems people with a personal bias actually yap about someone has a wee wee or a pee pee. Personally, I wouldn't be surprised if the Theta whatever the name is... is actually a boy...

Budget Morgue

I smell the stench of your loved ones
I just love the way these stupid fucking celebrities have got to jump on that bandwagon,if it will make them popular.Big deal,the guys got an electric car.He's probably got a fleet of gas guzzlers hidden away.So tired of this bullshit


The Wizard
🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ FFS it’s old enough to bleed, old enough to butcher you fucking muppet,
No fuck stick, that butcher phrase was created by gore forum cock holders half your age justifying physical abuse and child murder. The original saying was made for cock holders justifying impregnating underage girls that have reached puberty. We've only been gawking at dead female children for a few decades, but men have been copulating below an acceptable age group, forever. Take solace in the fact that Janine agrees with you.


Hmmmm I’m 50 and used to say it at school you fuck stick (just to help you out that’s 35 years ago (bout 1985 and the internet became popularish in about 2001, way before gore sites on the internet) plus you yanks don’t invent everything so get over yourselves), plus the fact it has nothing to do with dead female children, as per usual you haven’t a fucking clue, take solace in the fact you only got a downvote


The Wizard
lol, I knew you were old pops, but you're still full of shit. If it's not just a sillier version of what I posted, show me where I can find the origin professor.

The downvotes are my fans usually. It lets me know how much I mean to them, especially when they do it in old dead threads like DOA. See Dolly is actually way smarter than most of you. She avoids me but enjoys up voting anyone that insults me. She's cowardly, but wise.