Eat Shit And Die

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A.K.A.: "Neguinho"

Classification: Spree killer
Characteristics: Former army soldier - Revenge - Angry at being called homosexual by his former father-in-law
Number of victims: 15
Date of murders: May 21, 1997
Date of birth: 1970
Victims profile: Men and women (including his ex-wife, her parents, his current wife and his mother-in-law)
Method of murder: Shooting
Location: São Gonçalo do Amarante, Natal, Brazil
Status: Committed suicide by shooting himself before police riddled his body with bullets

Eat Shit And Die

★Filthy European★
Genildo Ferreira de Franca (15)

Pissed off at being called homosexual by his former father-in-law, Genildo Ferreira de Franca, a former soldier, went on a 22-hour murderous rampage killing 15 people in São Gonçalo do Amarante, a town on the outskirts of Natal, 1,800 miles northeast of São Paulo. The dead included his ex-wife, her parents, his current wife and his mother-in-law.

Genildo, 27, armed with automatic pistol, a .38-caliber revolver with a silencer and wearing the customary mass-murdering camouflage, started his shooting spree the afternoon of May 21, 1997, when he killed a taxi driver he suspected of being the lover of his former wife. After stuffing the body in the trunk of the car, he visited and killed his ex-wife, her parents and took his 5-year-old daughter Nayara hostage. With another hostage going along for the ride, 16-year-old Valderice Ribeiro da Silva, he lured people into the cab to go to a party and instead took them to a wooded area to kill them.

Police believe 16-year-old Valderice Ribeiro da Silva was more of an accomplice than a hostage in the killings. "She was with him the whole time and was carrying the ammunition. They were both on drugs," the police spokesman said. "We believe she may have been helping him." According to the girl the rampager, after sharing several joints with her, forced her to have sex with him threatening that it would be her last time.

Valderice said Fanca had a list of 25 people he wanted to kill. He was selective about his victims, crossing them off his list after each kill. Those fortunate enough not to be in the hit list were told, "You may go, you're a good person, you don't deserve to die." Franca was also despondent over the death of his 1-year-old son, who had been run over by a taxi two years ago. A friend and associate of Franca said: "He used to be a calm kind of guy, but ever since his son was run over by a car, he became a bit strange."

Army buddy Francisco de Assis dos Santos, 22, confessed to aiding Genildo with the first five slayings. According to police Dos Santos, a drug addict, confessed to holding the arms of the victims as Franca shot them. He also said that after each kill the ex-soldier would laugh as if possessed by the devil. He stopped helping with the carnage because the laughing was starting to bother him.

In a three-page letter found on Franca after he was killed by police, he said his purpose in "writing these few lines is not to justify the wrong I have done, but it is only in this way that I can ... challenge those who wanted to prove I was a homosexual." Franca's mother, Maria do Carmo said her son "was always kind and gentle with everyone." But when his baby Iuri was killed, "he opened himself to the enemy the devil." She thought her son got worse when his ex-father-in-law started telling everyone Franca was a homosexual. "But that was not true. My son was a womanizer."

Franca met his end at one in the afternoon the day after he started his rampage. He was cornered by 140 police officers in a ceramic tile factory where he shot himself before police riddled his body with bullets. The two hostages, Valderice and his 5-year-old daughter, were unharmed. Apparently, three months before, Ferreira went to buy a coffin, telling the undertaker he was going to commit suicide. Two days after the rampage only 15 people attended his funeral. Sadly only one relative showed up who, curiously, was on his hit list.



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WOW......I have lost 2 of my own young children, and it has never provoked thought's of killing other's, but my heart did go out to him for suffering that tragedy! But that is still NO excuse or we would all be out there wiping people out left and right!:confused:

Eat Shit And Die

★Filthy European★
Life deals some shitty blows, some people have better coping mechanisms than others and or emotional support amongst other things, he seemed short on all those things, yet he did have an ex father in law calling him a faggot all the time, i'm sure that did not help with his already somewhat fragile emotional stability :gunner: