George Putt



George Putt was an alleged physically and emotionally abused child, this Memphis, Tennessee, predator was socially and psychologically handicapped from the get go. His father was a drifter and a drunk who enjoyed beating his seven children with regularity. Before he was eighteen George had already been arrested several times for acts of violence against women and other assorted crimes. During a football game in reform school George was kicked on the head and knocked out for several minutes and may have sustained permanent brain damage.
After his accident poor George started sleepwalking with his eyes open and alternately having blackouts and violent seizures. He continued demonstrating his "sociopath personality" throughout the sixties. Psychological testing revealed a "morbid preoccupation with blood and gore" as he continued with his career as a violent criminal. By 1967 he married a Mississippi woman from whom he demanded sexual gratification six to eight time a day. A charming and tactful fellow, in 1969 he tried to rape his own mother-in-law on three different occasions. Shortly after the third attempted rape, authorities believed George committed his first murder. By March of 1969 George's deadly habits were in full swing. He began his killing spree by brutally murdering a couple. He tied the woman to the bed, raped her and mutilated her vagina and anus with a pair of surgical scissors.
A week and a half later he clobbered to death an 80-year-old widow and mutilated her genitalia with a butcher knife. Four days later a third woman was bound and stabbed fourteen times. He attacked his fifth victim in her home on September 11. Neighbors heard her screams and called the police. After a wild chase through the streets of Memphis George was caught smeared in the blood of his last victim. He was found guilty of all his crimes and given the death penalty. When the Supreme Court struck down the death penalty, George was handed a 497-year sentence. Always the good sport, George chuckled when the judge read him the sentence.


Wow that was interesting. He was a evil evil man it seems. Never heard of him and I'm only about 2 hrs from Memphis. Thanks!