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The problem is similar to here in the uk, the enemy we have now are walking amongst us daily, Tanks wont help unless maybe they will be used against us in a demonstration.
Demonstrations that the press call 'far right' when actually they are normal average everyday people, i myself don't have a problem with Muslims or any other religion, the problem i have is with terrorists of any sort or religion/cause.
In these times i believe that tanks, technology and small weapons probably will be used against us first, we are the people who helped to build them in our country, we can't have guns anymore, similar to Germany and most of Europe, we were told 80 years ago that civilised people don't need guns so we surrendered (voluntarily) all hand guns and weapons left over from the second world war, the UK banned ownership of any handgun 22 years ago even in shooting clubs (ranges) so the western governments spent billions on tanks, planes, ships and nuclear weapons to defend our civilisation whilst (ironically) allowing terrorist to walk in at 100's per day, if these terrorists wore uniforms they would never be allowed in.
All this brilliant technology and the brilliant minds that designed these defence systems but no one thought to stop 100's of terrorists living in our towns just waiting like the sleeping enemy so it could be actually the first time i see a British tank angry it may just be facing me in my own country.
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No tank can withstand the force of a double-shaped charge from a Russian ATMG or RPG, they're built to destroy every tank. Only some modern 'hardkill' system could protect it in the most cases, but the Leo 2 doesn't have this system. The Turkish A4 version even doesn't have the Cobham style armor like the later Leo versions. And the best protection for a tank is a well-trained crew anyway.
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