German Restaurant In Hot Water Over Giant Schnitzels


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German Restaurant In Hot Water Over Giant Schnitzels

German Restaurant In Hot Water Over Giant Schnitzels
Wed Sep 22, 12:02 pm ET

.BERLIN (Reuters) – A German restaurant operator has run into trouble with local tax authorities because he makes larger-than-average schnitzels -- or veal cutlets -- for his customers in a working class section of Saxony.

Gerhard Kaltscheuer said his giant schnitzels are popular in the town of Hammerbruecke and he sells about 70 dishes per day. He said tax officials told him they believe he sells 200 portions daily based on the amount of raw material he purchases.

"If I served the customers smaller portions at the normal price like that, I wouldn't have any customers because that wouldn't fill them up," Kaltscheuer told Reuters. He said he makes his portions large because his customers are laborers.

Kaltscheuer said he is protesting a demand from the tax authorities to pay more tax based on a higher number of food sales. His story has been reported widely in the German media and there was a rally on his behalf on Monday.

A spokesman for the tax office, asked about Kaltscheuer's case, said that he was not able to discuss it.

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Assholes. Let this guy sell his Schnitzels (awesome food by the way) how he wants.

Germany is insane nowadays.


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so they tax the guy on how how many portions and not the cash amount sold....who is the "tax official" trying to regulate a portion size like that? Let the dude be he's just trying to make a living.
I like the Jägerschnitzel, Holsteiner Schnitzel, and Zigeunerschnitzel. They are all awesome. I'm just lucky my mom still remembers how to cook this shit because I don't have a clue. She always knows I want some type of Schnitzel when we visit.