Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested (1 Viewer)

Maxwell was arrested in New Hampshire at 8:30 a.m. by the FBI.

She is expected to appear in federal court at some point Thursday.

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According to federal documents, Maxwell is a defendant in the case of sexual exploitation and abuse of multiple minor girls by Jeffrey Epstein.

Documents show the incidents took place from about 1994 through about 1997.

Maxwell allegedly assisted and facilitated and contributed to Epstein's abuse of minor girls by helping him recruit, groom and abuse victims. The victims were as young as 14-years-old when they were groomed and abused by both Maxwell and Epstein, both of whom knew that certain victims were minors, according to federal documents.

Maxwell was in an intimate relationship with Epstein and was also paid by him to manage his various properties, including one in Palm Beach, Florida.

Maxwell is facing several charges, including enticement of a minor to travel to engage in illegal sex acts, conspiracy to transport minors with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity, transportation of a minor with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity, and perjury.

Maxwell's arrest comes nearly a year after Epstein was arrested. Epstein died by suicidein prison in August 2019.

To read the full indictment, click here.

On Thursday, attorney Spencer Kuvin, who represents a number of Epstein's victims, released a statement which read, in part, "This welcomed news will hopefully be the first of many co-conspirators to face the consequences of this [sic] horrific crimes. White the fund [Epstein Victim's Compensation Program] was the first page of the last chapter in this sad and terrible saga, the prosecution of Epstein's co-conspirators, including Ms. Maxwell, will signal the conclusion of this final chapter. The arrest and successful prosecution of Ms. Maxwell, will signal the conclusion of this final chapter."

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MasochisticMommy said:
Maxwell was arrested in New Hampshire at 8:30 a.m. by the FBI.

Indeed...and she was very stupid to be staying in the U.S.

Given the numerous allegations against her due to her close association with Epstein, she had to know that an arrest might be very possible...and indeed, likely.

It's very puzzling to me that she would buy a house in New Hampshire last year and then live there while an ongoing criminal investigation is still taking place into the sex crimes that Epstein was accused of...thus risking the possibility of being arrested as part of that investigation.

Maxwell is a French citizen.
France and the U.S. have an extradition treaty...but it plainly states that France is under no obligation to extradite French citizens to the U.S.

If Maxwell had stayed in France, it's almost a certainty that she would never have been extradited.


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This is a bad day for a lot of the people involved. This blackmail Mossad operation has a lot to lose from her capture. Amazing that she was allowed to be captured, perhaps a a competitor thats also super rich made an exception here.

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