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girl beheaded

Discussion in 'Murder & Genocide Images' started by Elvis_presley, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. Elvis_presley

    Elvis_presley In your wife's wet dreams Ogrish Forever!


    sharpen your blade
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  2. rottenfresh

    rottenfresh ummmmm, You smell that? Morbid Mania

    That dull fucking blade couldn't cut butter. :rage:
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  3. Psychopants

    Psychopants Fresh Meat

    Never quite seen the point of beheading dead people. Seems a bit after the horse has bolted. I imagined the point of being beheaded was to be horrifically present during the taking of your own head and life. If you are already dead, you have already left the building so what the fuck do you care. A pig can decapitate a dead person. Then, when it takes someone 438 strokes of a blade to cut through approximately 5 to 6 inches of meat, it isn't only the blade that isn't the sharpest blade in the drawer.
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  4. gandog56

    gandog56 Well Known Member

    Maybe he just figured if she won't give ME some head, I won't let her keep hers.
  5. Silentwhisper

    Silentwhisper Banned

    Dead people are beheaded as part of dismemberment for disposal. Common sense.
  6. Honest One


    Meh, she was already dead, for the record I hate Kaotic. Have to click ten fuckin times to get the vid.
  7. Deadwomansoles

    Deadwomansoles Lurker

    I’d much rather chop her dead bare feet off!