Girl gets destroyed

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China has weird laws regarding intervening on behalf of a third party. The law is (along the lines) if a third party interjects in a fight, car accident etc they then would be criminally and monetarily responsible for the outcome of victim's injuries.

Therefore, if a victim sustains a life long medical injury, the person which is perceived to have caused it has to pay their medical bills until the victim dies. That's why you never see anyone help cuz ain't nobody got time for that.


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Not one person especially the guy standing watching helps!! Damn shame! The only comedy I seen in the video is the woman at the ticket window never turned her head as if this was an everyday occurrence

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I like how everyone in China minds their own business.

They realize that this incident is that man's business, it's not their business.
Thus, they don't interfere in the man's business, nor do they concern themselves with it.

I have a doubt in relation to this video..

I do not know if it is a video of a pussy beating a girl while many pussies watch as this pussy hits her without doing anything ... Or if it's a video of a piece of shit beating a girl, while a lot of shit is watching while this piece shit hits her without doing anything....