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Girl raped, buried alive- dug up

Discussion in 'Murder' started by _Xtina_, Aug 10, 2014.

  1. FallenSentry

    FallenSentry The Relentless Cynic Short Bussed

    At least the world can rest easy for .0000000000001 of a second, since, odds are, they're gonna be shot... being a third world country and all
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  2. Wombat

    Wombat The original Cereal Killer.

    I think rapists should be executed by a shotgun barrel up their ass and use them as a sound suppressor or bullet trap.
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  3. FallenSentry

    FallenSentry The Relentless Cynic Short Bussed

    Ha.. i remember watching 'i spit on your grave' and seeing the main character do that to her rapists
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  4. KingElvis

    KingElvis Retired

    Talking about having sand in your vagina...
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  5. rottenfresh

    rottenfresh ummmmm, You smell that? Morbid Mania

    Yes, she really does have fucking sand...in her vagina! Lol!
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  6. Wicked TinkerBell

    Wicked TinkerBell Gore Princess

    Buried alive...that's really fucked up.
    Would be my worst nightmare.
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  7. Domino69

    Domino69 In the Prep Room

    As I recall, the men in civvies are the murderers. The soldiers made THEM dig her up. Good for them, some of these sick fucks over here should have to do the same, see what you're actions actually RESULTED in.
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  8. Bethy


    I couldnt imagine being sexually violated that way then being thrown into a sand hole while i was breathing :facepalm: such an horrible death :Cry:
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  9. zinfandel

    zinfandel The hair-flip of death

    I only hope death came very quickly and she was unconscious when she was buried.
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  10. Spicytuna

    Spicytuna Fresh Meat

    Poor girl. May those bastards receive their comeuppance.
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  11. BigWill6363

    BigWill6363 Sniper

    If two sluts sexually violated me, they could do whatever the hell they wanted to do to me after that lol
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