Girls throat slit fetish


This Whole fucking site is sick what do you come here to do ? Stop us from watching and enjoying all of this we come to this site because we enjoy it if you come here just to tell everybody your sick get help we don't want to and why are you telling him to get help your sick to if your on this site
Why are you responding to someone who posted that in March and bumping this thread?


Funny, men have no standard for what they stick their dick into. While requiring a murder victim to be "pretty". 😏 It's all coming together now.


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Hi, I want to know, am I the only one to be excited by pretty girls having their throat slit ?
Is there any girls who have the fantasy of having their throat slit ?
Danny Rolling shared similar interests.
i have a fetish of having a guy cutting my throat or collarbone area and then cleaning me up by licking my blood. does anyone else like this or have a similar fetish?