Golden Gore


Nothing major. Just some car crash aftermath footage I stumbled across. A toddler had their head crushed on the sidewalk by a motorcycle. It was only about 7 seconds long but I began looking for more.

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my best friend's dad belonged to the local 1st aid squad. we found 8x10's of mostly car accidents with close-ups of the victims and a few suicides by gun. a few weeks later, my buddy and i were walking on the railroad tracks and found a dog's severed hind leg. a short distance later we found our 1st x-rated porn entitled "just what the doctor ordered." it was the 1st time we saw what was between a woman's legs. we were both 10 years old. gore and gash on the same day. the gods had indeed smiled upon us.


When I was 10, me and my friend found a dead homeless man in bushes close to our flat. Two years later I found woman ran by train.
It was on and called "Nothing gets between me and my harley". But it was told that the wound wasnt the result of an accident but of a failed suicide attempt.



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The Budd Dwyer suicide, and then it spiraled into other avenues and stuff I can't remember at
this particular moment. I've seen some pretty weird and intense shit from '99-00.


A dead sheep full of maggots in the bushes near my home as a kid. Maybe slaughtered by Turks.
And dad's war library of WW2 books.

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The Chech rebel being beheaded.. mum's ex had it on his phone, saw it one day when I was a kid.
Then 3 guys 1 hammer
And for some reason I remember this bathtub suicide picture as being an early one (when it first landed on bestgore..)
Then just about everything that I could find over a few days lol

(Earliest gore I actually saw was probably a seagull getting burned alive in a lane behind the house I grew up in at "Brunswick terrace")
shotgun-suicide-eye-intact-840x630 (1).jpg
If you can remember it, what was the first ever piece of gore you saw that officially got you into it?

For myself it was a picture my grandpa had of dead POW’s during WW1
Let me get this straight... You're saying the POW's got pow pow'd?

For me... I found while in my high school library bored out of my mind. It ended up locking out the computer and the librarian would have to figure out wtf happened... So I'd rush briskly to the encyclopedia, dictionary, and other educational literature aisle. ( Figured that was the best aisle to hide since it was blatantly obvious these rednecks and blacks don't have a fuckin' clue what a dictionary is and these inbred fetus munchers would never find me.)

So I researched at home how to bypass their censoring software (some proxy site called ytunnel I think) so that became a normal routine for me... Sneaking on sick ass shit while constantly looking over my shoulder. It used to have this weird ass effect to me... Almost sick yet intrigued.

Some of those older vidz like the B. Dwyer sui. Would make me log off and get out of there, I guess partially traumatizing myself.


I grew up in a family of violence that goes back multiple generations.. I've seen my (Step) grandpa's head get bashed into the sink by my uncle(I was 4) that was probably the first time I've really seen gore.. I come back to sites like these because truth be told I sleep better because of the past I've endured.. so in essence this is the way I cope