Google Glass

What is Google Glass?
Developed by Google X Lab, using Google's Android operating system as its platform, this technology is a augmented realtiy head-mounted display that shows information in a smartphone-like format, hands-free, and can interact with the internet via natural language voice commands.

What can it do?
Take pictures, videos
Utilize Goggle Hangouts
Display basic information
Give you a Google Maps overlay with GPS positional tracking
Play audio (via bone conduction
Share content with social media
Voice commands for everything (optional) including the ability to send messages



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Ok, allegedly this will be wifi or usb tethering only and no 3g/4g wwan connectivity . That makes me a little more at ease. But it will tether to android or crapple. so hack intrusion still isnt off the table yet. Basically this will be next gen bluetooth with wifi and usb tether.
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i feel aggression.
i want to bash google glass wearing people.
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You're missing the big picture. You act as if it has to be a choice. Have your cake, and eat it too! Fuck with your dick while wearing glass!
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