Google's new SafeSearch decision: mandatory for US ISPs

So, I hadn't paid any attention to this until now, but I think this is kind of important. Apparently Google rolled out a new behavior for the search engine recently that makes the SafeSearch option a mandatory evil for US ISPs. You can still see dicks, you just have to be more specific when searching for dicks now, according to Google. You may need to add "porn" to your search query. Odd...

Nifty Article With Examples

And a simple side by side bing VS google test...



Hm... Seems a few penis' aren't as offensive to google's moderate settings as others... The ones pictured above must be "artistic" or "for demonstration only".

Any other US users of google pretty perturbed with this news? Does it affect you? Do you care?


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So Googles a cock blocker now? Doesn't matter, I use Bing and don't search for dicks.
I don't usually search for cock either, but when the mood strikes and I need some lulz, I expect my search provider to provide me with cock without jumping through hoops. I treat the internet like a man-servant, who is always at my beck and call, with whatever I demand of it. Maybe this is because AskJeeves was popular when I used computers back in the day. Is Jeeves still around? Can he find me cock and other unmentionables without questioning me? No. He retired in 2006. Fucking gay.


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Google changed their search algorithm to filter all porn shit. Maybe start reading for latest happenings in the world on internet.
PS: Why would you google pics of dicks? FUCK! GAY.
I seriously see nothing wrong with searching for cock. I've searched for a lot worse. Cock is just an arbitrary and obvious place-holder for all the evils the internet has to offer. How many of you (read, all of you) have searched for dick at least once to find a nice juicy gay pic to flame someone with here? Deny it if you want, and if it makes you feel better, but I don't see the point in doing so. We've all seen a lot worse than someone else's wang, so why; amidst all this blatant pandering to media moguls and legal big-wigs - are we discussing the cocks? It's not about the cocks. The cocks are just the most obvious way to see it. First it was the removal of links, now it's a country wide censorship that affects the results of everyone's searches, not just deviants. Any google user has dealt with the idea of search bubbles and all that nonsense, related links, and interests, all being shoved down our throats instead of what a search engine is supposed to provide which is what we searched for, not hand picked results that supposedly match our previous interests.

If everyone wants to joke about me searching for cocks, and I'm sure there's a few of you who do, then do so, by all means! But do it in F/L/H. This thread was meant to be serious, and I'd like to keep it that way.
Dug this up and have been trying it out, seems to work so far as a workaround to get an english google you can still change your filter settings on.

*Edit* These instructions are for chrome.

I have read a bunch options to fix this and finally find a solution.

Go to Options> Manage Search Engines

There should be two Sections: Default search options and Other search engines

In the Default search options delete the current Google search option, you will have to select a different Default search before Google can be deleted.

Than in the Other Search Engines section enter the following:

Add a new search engine: Google



Change the XXX to the search site you want so add .com or or .es etc.

After you do that than you should get an option to set as default.

If any information is wrong or conflicted the input boxes are shaded pink. If everything is OK than all the input boxes should turn white.