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AWESOME!! I love how creative you are Eris! Your puppy cam put a great big smile on my face and your vid about your hood was fabulous! Are those beetles the carnivorous ones that clean off skulls and bones? Thank you for posting sweets!;)

Thanks MaMa!

Yes they are the ones! Dermestid beetles. They only eat dead flesh tho. Harmless to living things. That's the skull of the fox I cleaned. Pics also in this forum.

VIIIXIII thanks! The beetles prefer to work in the dark and pretty much run away at light. I am working on better methods of filming/editing them. The cam itself has shit for focus. :(

Thanks folks for watching :)


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I got a gopro hero3 camera. These are my first vids of the footage I took.

My pups

My hood

My beetles

Thanks for watching if you did.
Cute dogs. Looks like you live in the boondocks. How long does it take you to get to town? Where I live, it takes over 1 and fifteen minutes to get to the nearest town. Most of that time is spent on a dirt road and then a single lane paved road with lots of blind curves. Can't remember how many times we have nearly run into someone going the opposite
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