Gothic music

Great thread!

I've spent the last couple years dedicated to making post-punk, cold wave, deathrock.... its fun!!!

Heres a song i wrote a few months ago... Im extremely proud of myself for how far I've made it in terms of music production.
I have no training or schooling whatsoever... its completely organic.

Is it okay if I post some old school Romanian death metal???

I was always curious where slayer got their thrashing influences.... very sick what these Amish people created.


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Oh Graz!
You know how to pick those sweet sweet tunes of my youth.

The Cure is still my fav band. Saw them twice in Dallas over 20 years ago.
Skinny Puppy is badass, and they put on a great show in KC.

Depeche Mode-- I Still have a rock in my shoe over. Got 3rd row tix for my 21st birthday in KC.
Lead singer had partied too much the night before (was his birthday) so he sang 3 songs and walked offstage.
Didnt even get to finish our party favors in the bathroom. Guess the contract considered that a concert and non refundable. Schister. That was a disappointing 3 1/2 hour ride home.
Still love their music. Always will.

Once the 90s rolled around, industrial gothic music had its moment in the sun and I consumed it like water.

Here's what has been in my head for a few days:


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I saw Sextile when the played in London a couple of years ago, they have a good authentic goth sound
I also got to see a solo set by Andi from Sex Gang Children.. it was pretty damned crap!
Ans on the same night i had to stand through this pile of wank.. Anarchistwood.. the expression on my face must have been something else judging by the dirty looks people were giving my during the performance :lol:

Don't worry though, i get to see Toy Dolls, Rezillos and The Meteors between this month and April :cool: