Graham Young

From an early age Graham Young had been fascinated with poisons and with death. He became a prolific reader of accounts of the Moors Murders and Adolf Hitler’s activities. He began experimenting with poison on his family at the age of 13, trying out belladonna on his sister, Winifred. Mercifully, the dose was insufficient to kill her; Young claimed he had put it in her tea by mistake. Throughout 1962 several members of the Young family fell ill, as did a school friend of Graham’s. At Easter that year his stepmother, Molly died. His father took a turn for the worst and hospital tests showed arsenic and antimony poisoning. Young was sent to Broadmoor. He spend nine years there, and on his release he began his new life working in Hertfordshire. In November 1971, two of his workmakes died of thallium poisoning and two more were seriously ill from the effects of Young’s experiments with poisons. Young described himself as ‘your friendly neighbourhood Frankenstein’ and the police were well aware of his criminal background. Young, always an outsider, verbally vicious and willing to turn to poison if someone crossed him, was sentenced to life in 1972.


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