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Grandfather under investigation for rape and murder of his 9 yr. old granddaughter.

Discussion in 'Murder & Genocide Images' started by -Angelique-, Dec 20, 2014.

  1. -Angelique-

    -Angelique- Guest

    Evelin Nicole da Silva Sousa 9 years of age used to spend weekends at her grandfather’s house, and last Saturday 13th Dec 2014 was no exception. She would spend the time watching TV until the early hours.

    The girl's body was found at about 6:00 o'clock during Sunday morning (14) about thirty yards from the house where she spent time with her grandfather in New Altamira. Certain items were later removed from the property for forensic investigation.

    Two suspects within the family were under investigation. One is the uncle of the victim called Leandro Teixeira da Silva who had one of the keys to the house and the other is the grandfather Ademir Rodrigues da Silva, who is the stronger suspect after he was examined by the police and found to have lesions on his penis.

    Both gave evidence to the Police and were later released. Several people protested outside the police station on the morning of Monday day (15) complaining about the inability of the police to charge anyone.




    The Grandfather

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  2. CO2

    CO2 Guest

    every time this happens I want to take my rage out on some-thing/one.. these kids r too vulnerable..
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  3. KingSlayer

    KingSlayer Slayer

    How could you do that to your own blood...never mind a 9 year old wtf makes me soooo angry:rage:
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  4. Staggerg

    Staggerg Well Known Member

    A long, painful death is what the sic fucker deserves
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  5. FallenSentry

    FallenSentry The Relentless Cynic Short Bussed

    The guy being a "de silva" we know its Brazil, and in Brazil, rapists get corn-holed a LOT in jail and stabbed.. so.. while their jail time may suck musty Obama balls, their inmates dispense a lot of much need justice.
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  6. Domino69

    Domino69 In the Prep Room

    Jesus, poor little thing. What a horrifying way to go, and especially people she should have been able to trust. And, such a pretty little thing as well. RIP Angel.

    I hope he gets every type of Brazilian Jail Justice there is on the menu, sick fucker!
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  7. rottenfresh

    rottenfresh ummmmm, You smell that? Morbid Mania

    Fuckin sick perverted dicktard! Hope the neighbors give him a little street justice!
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  8. tero

    tero GOREBABY

    Wow a sickening story, hope to high hell they figure it out . The word INSEST has a creepy crawly sound to it every time you hear it......
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  9. spaze

    spaze Rookie

    That old fuck will get his once he's in jail.He will be on the receiving end hope they make him suffer for a few days.
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  10. -Angelique-

    -Angelique- Guest

    Then a few days more with a bit of luck.
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  11. Rawhide

    Rawhide NewbieX

    Does anyone know if the locals killed the dirty bastard after his release from police custody?
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