grandparent's death kept secret for years

Chinese diver Wu Minxia's celebrations at winning a third Olympic gold medal were cut short after her family revealed the details of a devastating secret they had kept for several years.

Wu's parents decided to withhold news of both the death of her grandparents and of her mother's long battle with breast cancer until after she won the 3-meter springboard in London so as to not interfere with her diving career.
"It was essential to tell this white lie," said her father Wu Yuming.

The story of Wu's family secret has generated huge discussion in China, where the pursuit of success has been chased by the government-backed sports national sports program with unshakeable zeal over the past two decades.

Now there seems to be a backlash against the win-at-all-costs mentality after the revelations about Wu followed fierce criticism from a national newspaper when a 17-year-old weightlifter failed to medal.

In China, athletes are often taken away from their families at a young age and placed in specialist training schools where they practice for hours every day. Wu began training daily at a diving camp at the age of 6. By the time she was 16, she had left home to be installed in a government aquatic sports institute.
She has become one of her sport's all-time greats, but her father says the success has come at a high price to her personal life.
"We accepted a long time ago that she doesn't belong entirely to us," Wu Yuming told the Shanghai Morning Post. "I don't even dare to think about things like enjoying family happiness."

Wu's mother defended the decision to keep her situation private and admitted she only broached the subject of her breast cancer at this point because she is now in remission. Both of Wu's grandparents died more than a year ago, but the diver knew nothing of their passing until this week.


Medication time
I can some what understand her parents trying to keep this from upsetting her BUT I feel she should have had the opportunity to grieve her grandparents death and given a chance to attend their funeral. It really bothers me how there is so much emphasis on athletics to the point of taking kids away from their families. I can't imagine a gold medal being worth more than family.
China always going for gold.

Morally and mentally.

thats fucked up the olympic stuff will be there again. But nanna and poppa wont.


Although it is sad, some of these kids have a better life in sport than they would do otherwise...we can sit behind the computer and scream child cruelty but otherwise...who knows what they may have to do [in some cases]... but I agree they should have let her have the chance to go to her Grandmother's funeral.