Graphic video from Mexican cartel.

Jon E(vil)

Jon E(vil)

True gore artist.
Info on video.
Both belong to the criminal group "Guerrero Guard", Blog del narco. Best Gore has he is a policeman and son, definitely father and son, location Guerrero State.
In the comments someone wrote that it's said to the young guy that their heads will be sent to his mother.


A beheading under ten seconds flat? these guys are getting pretty good.
And one last thing, these video's are posted as a warning and yet still some moron says, yeah, now this is the life I want cause, I wanna help my local drug cartel and die in the most brutal and creative way possible. :)
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Yeah, fuck all that shit. I'd have been begging for the beheading by the time they got to my heart, though I'm sure that kid was was too

Honest One

I always wonder if the people who are being killed just think they are going to get off with just a beating and be set free. They never seem to put up much of a struggle or try to escape. Maybe they are already exhausted by this point and don't have the energy to fight back.
They don't bother to fight cause they know it's the end. Cartels don't let anyone live.