Graphic video from Mexican cartel.


Seeker of Truth!
I cant sit through most the videos on here, I got a good enough mental picture from the comments, I am going to pass, sad to be part of the human race (but glad I am not part of it's prey).


Man, that's why the run to the U.S.
If I didnt, I would sure as hell lay low and not join any damn gang.
That was life changing to watch.
You don't want to stand out like this and be known as the most brutal... They eventually get caught by rivals and one-up each other.

That's why this video was made. They will never stop doing this shit.

Remember the cartel chick, "angel of death"? She was labeled most brutal female and got hers shortly after her last gore video.

These guys make it their no.1 priority to get back at their enemy as if their livelihood depended on it. In their business I guess that's why they commit heinous acts.

I used to be thick-skinned and can watch this shit eating Doritos but it's getting harder and harder. I have to stop in the middle of some of these now for a smoke break and counsel myself... personal therapy... All the while looking up at the sky cursing God, "goddamn you!!! Wtf is your problem!!! That was a fucking kid!!! You piece of shit!!! Now you know why I can never follow you again... Fuck off!!!GODDFUCKINDAMNITTT, it was a fucking kid!!!" After awhile you begin hating the world and how hypocritical this place is. As it forces you to become a sociopath... The very thing you hate. You become God. :/