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So, my friend suggested me too this site because apparently being a death metal fan means I love gore... I do, but lol anyways, since I'm new and unfortunately have no gore to provide, I'll start here :)

What is your favorite genre of music and why? Don't be afraid, Im extremely open minded, for the most part.

(Bland, probably, but its a start)
Yeah, but its the first thing I thought of when viewing this site. :)
@sickfuck you like Gorilla Biscuits? I dont recall their era but good punk/hardcore :)
@Zayad that's ok. I'm a confessed country fan. Don't burn me.


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@sickfuck you like Gorilla Biscuits? I dont recall their era but good punk/hardcore :)

I think I've listened to them once. they're ok I guess. usually I stay away from anything claiming to be "punk" and was recorded after '86, because apparently "punk" means scene-kid emo music these days...fucking disgusting...
@sickfuck Music scene lately killed punk, prog, industrial, etc. It's all hipster fags. You know, I was thumbing through cosmo about 3 or 4 years ago while on the John once (moms subscription, lols) and I saw something that has been burned into my hate memory forever. Pete fucking Wentz of Fall Out Boy had an article titled "How to apply punk eyeliner." ... Pete Wentz... Pete Wentz... It had pic examples and everything, and at the end it read "Now you can be a punk rocker as well!"... Do I even need to finish the thought?

Here on this site, people are slaying hardened soldiers, how the fuck does a pussy like this get overlooked?
Priority homicide is all I'm saying... Really trim the fat in the appropriate areas you know?

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