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Dont get too excited, its rockstar remember. Judging by previous games GTAV will have the main characters mother constantly calling him to ask why he doesnt visit.

let me guess, you hated how they made IV more realistic than San Andreas? i encourage the over-realism. i want see a fuel system for the vehicles while we're on the subject. making sure your car is full before a mission, all that jazz...


Dead Meme
I don't think I like these chav wish fulfillment games as much as everyone else does.

Now Red Dead Redemption was pretty sweet, and getting mauled by a bear with no warning while picking prairie flowers is the best event ever conceived for an electronic game.


These are great days we're living, bros
is the trailer just cutscenes? cause ive never trusted a game pimped on those alone. Why oh why, in this age of giant harddrives have they not made a city where buildings are actually usable, more shops, more gangs, more everything except the stupid phone games you play in the last episode. Call your girlfriend? I shot the bitch in the head the second it was apparent she'd keep calling, and it turns out she was an informant to the cops, so I guess my gut reaction was right. Vice city had the playability, GTAIV had almost got it right again, but it was too much a game on rails, the feeling of exploration in a massive living city was not there for me.


rumors that i liked -

  1. the game is huge (map and story depth)
  2. more buildings that you can enter/interact with (a mall, police stations, hospitals, ect)
  3. more realistic NPCs
  4. cars can be upgraded again (possible fueling system as well)
  5. random objects can now be used as weapons (pipes, sticks, ect)
  6. instead of darts and bowling, you now work out, gamble, cage fight, rock climb, base jump, ect
  7. character customization is back (working out, over-eating, tattoos, hair, ect)
  8. possible human shields
  9. smarter cops (now with dogs and tear gas!)
  10. lock/barricade doors

rumors i didn't -

  1. main character is another black guy

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