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Guadalupe Martinez: "The fearsome Bejarano"

In 1887, in the city of Mexico, a woman named Guadalupe Martínez de Bejarano was arrested by the police. She was accused of torturing and murdering a girl name Casimira Juárez. For this crime, which shocked late nineteenth century Mexican society, she spent time in prison. Newspapers, which unveiled the case with profuse illustrations, christened her "The fearsome Bejarano".

After leaving jail, the killer returned home. It did not take long to return to her old ways. This time, it was with two girls: Guadalupe and Crescencia Pineda. "The fearsome Bejarano" enjoyed torturing girls. It was customary to undress them then hit them with a wet rope, leaving them bleeding marks all over the body. She also hung them naked from a rope suspended from the ceiling, tying their wrists and hoisting them, so that the weight of their bodies hurt their shoulders. Once hung, she whipped them with horsewhip, until the girls were flayed. As these torments bored her, she invented another: put their feet on top of a brazier, burning them and leaving them full of painful blisters that bled and became infected. In addition, she used red-hot tongs on their small bodies. However, the most cruel punishment consisted of placing them, also nude, seated on the burning brazier. The girls uttered screams of pain and cried loudly while their genitals, thighs and buttocks burned. The boiling metal left marks on their skin, while the criminal sat on a chair in front of them, enjoying their suffering.
When police went to arrest her, the girls were dead. A judge sentenced her to ten years and eight months in prison. The engraver José Guadalupe Posada several illustrations published in the Gazette. During the trial, the son of the murderer, Aurelio Martinez Bejarano, appeared to declare his mother was the author of the torture and death of girls. In response, gathered by the print media of the time, "The Fearsome Bejarano" replied, "Well you say that these accusations will end my days in prison, but you say nothing about their falsehood, you forgive that. I condemn men, but God, who sees in the bottom of our hearts, will consider the sacrifice I make of my freedom so that you save yourself. He does not take into account the slander you throw on your mother. He knows you were the one that hit Crescencia and are now looking at the Gazette so that you may accuse me your works!" Of course this was not true. She was responsible for the torture and murder of several young girls.
She was admitted to the jail in Bethlehem. There, she was attacked by the other prisoners, who could not tolerate infanticide. She was isolated until her death, always living in fear of being killed.*

*Some of these Mexican killers, especially the women, are tricky because they're fairly obscure and can only be found on Spanish websites so I have to use a translator online, which, since it translates verbatim, comes out garbled. Anyway, I tried to make it as intelligible as possible. Obviously, this person did exist, however, and was one evil b****.

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