Guess what sucks??

Madden 13. They've fucking ruined this game. They add shit no one gives a fuck about, and take shit out that made the gameplay awesome.
Think I'm done with Madden, and as a die hard gamer and football fan, that's tough to say. Guess I'll play old shit until the NFL gets it's head out of it's ass and allows the 2K games to start doing them again.
madden just seems like the same thing over and over again. last version I have is 10 I think. only reason I used to buy madden games was because that's the only game my dad was good at. weird cause their was quite a bit of hype over 13.


Madden is on the same page, for me, as where the Modern Warfare series has gone, and other various rehashes that only seem to appeal to the casual console crowd.