Gun Fun (black poetry)


Bullets seeking flesh
Your life could end
In the speed of a flash

Blasts, guns blazing, haze of powder
Glory through the gore
Lacerate skin
Shatter some lungs

Melted faces, exploded heads, body decay
Be a surgeon of death
Kill your pretty prey

Rifles, so sexy as enticed hookers
Spitting and spliting
Taring meat, teasing dead snips
Oh, death has such pair o' hips!

So much gun fun, I ain't no fucking nun

Shred the enemy
Everything is taxed, boy
But violence is free!
Pick your toy and
Fuck it

- CrownedCrow

Trish River

Brain graveyard.ö
(My bad poetry)

Blood, there's no enemy,
but sit here, right me,
and drink the angels of god
they have written "no remorse"
in this last page (Bible)