Gun-suicide by russian cop





His pages - Ivan Podgajnyj, Иван Подгайный | OK.RU

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The incident occurred on January 17, 2018, in the morning in the Stavropol region in the village of Soluno-Dmitrievskoe. 23-year-old Ivan Podgainy shot himself in the head with a standard weapon and fell dead. Thick scarlet blood spread in a huge pool over the state-made laminate, and the officer’s colleagues came running to the place of emergency.

A suicide note with the following text was discovered near the cooling body: “I don’t need to pity me, I myself chose the wrong path, I hope I’ll fix it in my next life.” Probably a Buddhist.

As our group managed to find out, the family of the deceased was quite rich by local standards, Ivan’s mother owned a beauty salon.