Guy already drunk off his ass tries to buy more booze. (1 Viewer)


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I've seen this before. he fucking kills me. I love it when the tapes sped up and he's trying to get up fot like 15 minutes. If I were the dude working there I would've beat his ass! He was wrecking the place.


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I love how at times when he's on the ground he just sits up and looks like he's trying to act normal "I got this, just sitting on the floor here, perfectly ok, don't mind me"

At other times he looks like he's having a damn seizure.

And for all that, he leaves without his beer.



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Why even bother to drink anymore if you cant even stand. Even from an alchoholics perspective is that enough if you can even remain upright?


dayum that was hard to watch, total fool.. altho I hate to think how many liquor store security vids I starred in back in the day..


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Wow, this guys staggering isn't staggering, that's neural deficit. He's not drunk, he's actually suffering from alcohol poisoning here. Scary as shit.

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