Guy broke into my home, not much to see but what he left behind after i got to him

Theoretically the OP did not live in a fancy neighborhood in a fancy house?

Living where (theoretically) he lives, a thief (unarmed, oh!!!, what a coincidence!) gets into his house?



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Good for you protecting your family,your-self, and your belongings that you worked so hard to have over the years I applaud you sir:golfclap:If that would have happened to me and hubby we have a wooden bat next to the front door I would have knocked the fuck out of him till he was unconscious I would probably go to jail for that sort of violence on a fuckin parasite but I live in a libtard state-Oregon but fuck it'd still be worth it!!
I hear that my friend...I surely would hv maimed him for life,It woulda been hard not to go full out tho..."THAT'S Y WERE HERE PEEPS"!!!


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Oh and of course she rang the police and he can apparently press charges against me for excessive force..
That's the kitchen, he came in through the patio door.. and I'm the one that can get charged for excessive force against him if they find him and he pressed charges.. funny how the law is here.. I heard him and waited for him to get in behind the kitchen door, it happens in the space of 5 minutes or so from him getting in to him getting out, only after my wife's screams did I let him go cause she shouted police are on the way etc and she begged me to stop.. there was only one way in and out since he couldn't get past the kitchen door and the patio was open already..
That's y u kill the "POS";Your story will b the only story...get it ???