Gore Classic Guy kills himself in a police station


Serial Killer has been made.....
Awesome footage....but that gives a whole new meaning to is that a gun or are you happy to see me.....I thought they searched ppl before they are brought in....someone didnt do a very good job of searching....

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Sure didn't die instantly.He straightens out his leg,and it took forever for him to go limp and slump down.Even as the video fades out he finally relaxes his head tries to take a breath.No pain expression on his face so I doubt he was aware,but dam that took longer than he wanted


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Ricardo Alfonso Cerna, he was stopped for a traffic violation. He attempted to escape, during the chase he shot an officer in the abdomen twice. Nobody searched him when he was apprehended.

He already had two felony strikes on his record. So, he was facing life in prison.
Thank you very much Caerbannog Coney! Guess it was his last time to be in control?
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"Holy shit", says the cop, imagining the mountain of paperwork he's going to have to produce to explain that one away.