Guys saying world star because of a dead body


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What exactly is this term, is it their mating call? It seems to only be used around mostly violence like a form of celebration or ritual triggered by other people's troubles, however, I've yet to figure out why exactly. World Star? Why "world", why not Milky Way Galaxy Star, or State Star, or Earth Star. Can they not find something genuinely funny or honest to say... Instead keep shouting the same thing in all your videos due to being an unoriginal mundane slave that will never accomplish anything in life worth a damn. That about sums up my feelings to "WORLD STAR".


What does this mean please?
'World star' is a hip-hop site/you-tube channel so far I know, and for an unknown reason if something happens on the street (i.e. a brawl) the black bystanders are shouting 'world star!'. Maybe they think it's worth to post there.
I have no real clue though, member GMCaesar mentioned that he doesn't like it some time ago.
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Fuck sake lmao..
Dead body, this early in the morning! Get ya dead body people, freshly torn this morning, fresh as the dew! Get ya dead body, world star! (Not a direct quote)
What a cunt lol ahaha bloody hell eh, that's the attitude :')